Someone breaks into a German program to ask: Where is GTA 6?

During a live broadcast of the famous German program Schlag den Star hosted by comedian Elton, someone broke into the broadcast to ask about the next installment of the popular video game series.

During a dialogue between Elton and the contestant on the program, a person named Taser stormed in order to cause the contestant to panic at first, and then asked the question: Where is GTA 6?

He said that this is the only thing he can do right now, which is just looking at the camera and screaming for news about it, and perhaps this person decided to target the Elton program specifically because he had previously participated in the video game industry with voice roles such as Halo 3, and therefore I thought he had some information about the expected game except He asked him to leave and joked that he hasn’t finished GTA 5 yet.

The incident is in the video Here If it indicates anything, it is the huge popularity of this series and the huge number of players who are waiting for the next part.

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