Some Samsung phones get RAM Plus feature

Android phones in the mid-range have improved significantly in recent years. This is clearly seen in Samsung phones in this price category, especially the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series. Those phones started to come with reliable specifications and performance.

Samsung has started offering its phones in the middle class with a distinctive camera system, and high performance comparable to the performance of flagship phones. This is also due to the natural development experienced by the technical sector in general and the internal hardware sector for phones in particular.

Some smartphone manufacturers have begun to offer the ability to increase the capacity of RAM, by relying on free internal storage. It seems that Samsung is about to provide this feature to its phones of medium silver.

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This feature comes within Samsung phones as RAM Plus. It is based on a technology known as Virtual RAM. The storage space is simply converted to random memory. However, with a large number of considerations, the most important of which is the large difference in speeds between the two types of memories.

This feature is available for Samsung phones in the middle class, allowing them to increase the RAM by up to 4 GB. This means that if the device originally came with 6 GB of RAM, its memory theoretically reaches 10 GB.

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Samsung Allows More RAM Capacity

It is reported that Samsung offers this software feature in a number of its phones as well. Including the flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is also found in regular flagship phones such as the Galaxy S21 series.

The user can access the RAM Plus settings to increase the capacity of the random memory by going to the settings, then the battery settings, device maintenance, and finally the memory settings. Of course, this feature is completely software and is not supported by any physical component inside the phone.

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This additional capacity allows to reduce the loading time of applications and games when opened due to the abundance of memory capacity in this case. Other manufacturers of smartphones have started to offer this feature previously, led by Oppo and Xiaomi.

Some specialists believe that this feature does not provide any real benefit, because the speed of writing and reading data in RAM is not close to the reading and writing speed of storage. Whereas the first is several times faster. Therefore, this feature may be a marketing feature only.

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