Snapchat makes it easy to track friends’ birthdays

she added Snapchat is a new way to remember friends’ birthdays and share the celebration within the app, with the new Birthday Mini reminder.

The company’s latest mini version – essentially mini versions of the full apps included with Snapchat – provides an overview of friends’ birthdays, and access to special festive features, such as augmented reality lenses, to help mark the occasion.

The platform said: See the list of upcoming and recent birthdays, as well as birthdays organized by the Zodiac Sign. Wish your friends a Merry Christmas with unique stickers and fun lenses to celebrate. You can even count down to your birthday.

Last November, the platform added astrological profiles, which provide users with insights into their star sign, and what that means for them and their relationships.

pointed research Star signs have seen a resurgence among younger audiences, as the pandemic sparked more interest, and people tend to turn to astrology during times of acute stress.

As a result, adding specific zodiac information in Birthdays Mini makes sense. New augmented reality features and festive widgets are also getting interesting and attracting more users to participate in in-app birthdays.

This step may provide a great opportunity. Much of Facebook’s use relies on extensions, with users logging in to see if there are any upcoming birthdays, and staying up to date with key news about family and friends within the app.

And if Snapchat can replace this functionality and take advantage of this sharing ability. This may lead to more users relying on the platform instead for the same purpose.

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Snapchat makes it easy to track friends’ birthdays

Facebook has seen a lot of engagement with Memories and On This Day alerts, with millions of users visiting the On This Day page every day.

In 2017, Facebook reported that more than 155 million people chose to receive notifications for this feature.

Considering that the Snapchat platform is looking to focus more on close communication and interaction with friends in the application. Adding birthday reminders can serve a similar purpose and help maximize community building efforts.

The platform notes that people who choose to have their birthday visible are included in mini-birthdays.

For privacy reasons, Birthdays Mini will not display your friend’s exact birth year or age. Likewise, other users of the Platform will not see the same information about you. You will also not see the birthdays of friends who have not agreed to be shown in the app.

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