Singapore uses robots to conduct patrols

I started Singapore is testing robots called Xavier by having them patrol and scan public areas while foot traffic is high, in its latest effort to further enhance its powerful surveillance toolkit.

The use of Xavier bots supports the work of public officials. It reduces the manpower required for foot patrols and improves process efficiency.

Singapore is known for its strict laws and for having surveillance cameras all over the city-state. It is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.

This joint venture includes five public agencies, namely, the Agency for Science and Technology, the National Environment Agency, the Land Transport Authority, the Singapore Food Agency and the Housing and Development Board.

Over the next three weeks, robots will monitor crowds at the Toa Payoh Center for what the nation’s authorities describe as unwanted social behaviour.

These bad behaviors include gatherings of more than five people, which is inconsistent with the safety measures of the Corona virus.

In addition, Xavier bots search for smokers in restricted areas and illegal street vendors.

It patrols the vicinity looking for improperly parked bikes or any mobility device and a motorbike that uses footpaths and sidewalks as well.

If the robot detects any of these behaviours, it alerts its command center and then displays a corresponding message on its screen to educate the public.

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Singapore uses robots to conduct patrols

The machines are equipped with cameras capable of providing their command post with 360-degree views. It is also capable of taking pictures in low light using infrared cameras and low-light cameras.

In addition, the captured video is analyzed by an artificial intelligence system. So as to look for anything that might require the response of human officers.

The robots are equipped with sensors that give them the ability to avoid stationary and moving objects, including pedestrians and vehicles.

Singapore has announced plans to double its number of surveillance cameras to 200,000 by 2030. More than double the current number of cameras deployed across the Southeast Asian island nation.

Officials believe these robots can help increase these surveillance measures and reduce the need for officers to conduct physical patrols.

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