Signal group permissions control

Through Signal applications, you can create groups that include more than one user to be able to communicate with them quickly.

These groups work in a similar way to WhatsApp or Telegram groups, and the groups have begun to receive new updates to facilitate their use and control.

Through the platform, you can control who can send messages within groups, where you can make alerts arrive from all users or managers only.

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Control group permissions in Signal

This feature currently works with Android devices only, as it does not work with the iPhone app yet.

You must also install the latest version of the application, which comes with the number 5.22.8 Via Google Play Store.

After that, you can control the group’s permissions by following these steps:

Head to the application and then choose the group whose permissions you want to control through the application.

Then click on the three dots at the top of the screen and select the Permissions tab.

Signal group permissions control

After that, click on the option to send messages, and change the permissions to “admins only” if you want to prevent users from sending messages.

Or you can click on all users to allow all users to send messages within the group.

You can change these settings later at any time you wish, and you will find an alert message at the bottom of the group telling you the permissions of this group.

So if you change the permissions to allow only admins to send messages, you will see a message telling you that only admins can send messages.

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New app features

Signal offers a new set of diverse and different features to users.

It is still considered one of the most secure when it comes to fast messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

The company has started to introduce a new set of features so that the application can be far from the security comparison,

These new features are intended to make the application better to use and attract users to it instead of other messaging applications.

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