Shocking Llama! Storm the cria sees its reflection for the first time on a New York farm [Video]

Shocking Llama! A hilarious moment, the storm of the storm sees its first reflection in the book

  • Cute baby Llama’s reaction to seeing his own reflection in the mirror for the first time
  • A seven-week-old storm hits Wunsapana Farm, Altamount in New York
  • Shots posted on TikTok show confidence building animals to get close to

A lovable baby llama was horrified by his reflections after seeing himself in a mirror for the first time.

A seven-week-old llama baby llama – known as a cria – named Storm, looked like he had seen a ghost at Wunsapana Farm, Altamont in New York after his owners placed a tall mirror in the barn.

The footage, posted to TikTok on November 14, shows the animal spotting its own reflection before quickly rushing over in fear.

Seven-week-old baby storm llama

Seven-week-old llama Storm looks like he’s seen a ghost at Wunsapana Farm, Altamount in New York on November 14

But the inquisitive llama joyfully leaps backwards in front of the mirror and faces his reflection upside down before escaping again.

Seconds later, the llama slowly approaches the glass again, before bravely touching its nose to the surface.

One user wrote: “I do the same thing every morning!” Another said, “If I looked as good as you, I would stare at myself!”

Another wrote: “This is very, very cool!”

Wunsapana Farm is located on 30 acres of woodland and offers llama walking and farm tours to the public by appointment only.

Owner, Terry Conroy, raises, raises and trains the animals that have earned them championship titles across the country.

This isn’t the first time reflexology has managed to frighten an animal, and sometimes the last effect is to irritate it.

One cat hissed and shrieked at a potential rival, not realizing that the intruder was his reflection in the mirror.

Unhappy born owner Baby Claude heard the cat waving from an upstairs room in their home in Brandenburg, Germany.

Thinking of breaking into another animal, I ran upstairs to find the pet preparing to fight against a large mirror in which he had seen himself.

The owner’s video shows the confused seven-year-old slowly chasing the mirror before raising his head, picking up “the other animal” and unleashing a barrage of hissing and squawking.


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