Set a Portrait image as a wallpaper on the Apple Watch

The WatchOS 8 update brings a new feature to the Apple Watch, where you can set Portrait photos as their background.

Portrait images differ from the rest of the usual images, where you find the successor of the image separated from the main person or object in the middle of it.

You find the background to be a bit blurred, and these images allow the watch to put information between the main subject of the image and the blurred background.

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Steps to set Portrait images as wallpaper on Apple Watch

The photo must be taken with an iPhone that supports Portrait technology, and it must have been taken using Portrait technology.

This is so that the watch can access the depth information related to the image, and then tamper with it a bit to improve the image quality and add some tricks.

You can access Portrait photos from your iPhone’s camera by going to the Photos app.

And then choose the Portrait folder, and inside this folder you will find all the photos taken with this technique that you can put in the Apple Watch.

And if you want to set the image as wallpaper on the watch, you can follow these steps:

Go to the Clock app on your phone, and then click on the Watch wallpapers tab at the bottom.

After that, under the content section, you will find an option that allows you to select the images you want to use, and you can use up to 24 images as backgrounds.

You can also choose fewer photos if you want to, so don’t choose photos you don’t want to put.

After that, head to the Style and Additional Details section. Through this section, you can choose the shape of the watch line in addition to the information displayed.

Steps to set Portrait images as wallpaper on Apple Watch

After you have finished preparing your photos as you wish, you can click on the save option to save the new watch face.

Steps to set Portrait images as wallpaper on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch lacked such a feature, as it was not able to set images as wallpaper for the watch previously.

But after the update of WatchOS 8, you are able to add images as wallpapers as you wish, without any external applications.

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