Series One Desk 27 .. Google Meet device

Google has announced two new devices designed specifically to work with Google Meet, and the Series One Desk 27 and Series One Board 65 are both built. by Avocor but they are part of a program Series One for devices intended to work with the Google Communications platform.

The hardware includes a custom Google Edge TPU chip in addition to the standard Intel Core i5 processor.

As its name suggests, the Series One Desk 27 is a 27-inch display that includes dedicated speakers, microphones, a camera, and a touchscreen.

In addition to being used as a standalone video conferencing device, it can also be used as a laptop monitor.

It has a USB-C plug on the back and when attached, the laptop can use its own audio and video combo for video calls and take advantage of 45W USB-C PD charging as well.

But these are not devices intended for consumers. Instead, Google envisions it being fixed to the walls in small meeting rooms or located across open offices.

And like all pretty much enterprise-focused devices, even the 27-inch model isn’t cheap, coming in at $1,999.

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Series One Desk 27 .. Google Meet device

Although it uses Chrome OS to power its standalone capabilities in Google Meet. But it cannot be used as a traditional All-in-One computer.

The 5-megapixel camera has a field of view of up to 100 degrees, can zoom and pan to keep subjects in focus, and also has a privacy shutter.

And there are eight microphones that use the Edge TPU chip and artificial intelligence from Google to eliminate ambient noise.

The screen itself is a touch screen and can also be used with the included stylus as a whiteboard. It comes with a resolution of 1440 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9 and automatically adjusts the color and brightness according to the ambient light conditions.

Along with both this device and other Google Workspace ads, the company says it has a partnership with Cisco. Which should mean that devices designed for either Google Meet or Webex work interoperable.

So the Series One Desk 27 can connect to Webex calls. Webex devices must be able to connect to Google Meet.

The Series One Desk 27 should be available later this year. The larger Series One Board releases next year.

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