Season 2 review of Into The Night

This review is burn-free for season 2 of the series Into the Night, but it’s full of burners for its first season.

When the first season of the series was released Into the Night Last year was an unexpected success. The series, which began with the story of a plane hijack, slowly turns into a story of survival and a catastrophe that threatens the end of the world, and highlights a group of characters of diverse nationalities from Italy to Morocco, who succeed in making us feel instantly connected with them and sympathize with the story every one of them. Since the season consisted of only 6 episodes, each lasting just over half an hour, the action was very fast and edgy and left no room for boredom or sluggishness.

The second season continues with the same momentum and with the same number of six episodes, and although it needs one or two episodes to start raising the level of risks a lot, as the first episode sheds light on the characters of the first season to know what happened to each of them, but this does not affect the level of suspense in it. NSSeason 2 continues right where Season 1 left off, with our friends reaching safety and now hiding inside the underground bunker with NATO forces. However, this does not mean that the danger has disappeared. On the contrary, new and unexpected dangers appear hiding in every nook and cranny. The sun is no longer their only enemy, but the post-apocalyptic world is changing the human psyche, unleashing the latent evil of some people after the absence of laws and control.

So although the events of the second season take place in a different place than the first season, which was mostly on the plane, which at the time added a lot of danger and a tense feeling, but their descent to the ground did not reduce this sense of danger even though they are no longer in a race against Time to stay in the dark, but rather, it could be said to have raised the stakes, because the enemy is no longer just the destroying sun, but our friends find themselves once again in a whirlpool of saving themselves and each other from new threats. There is the threat of death from starvation on the one hand, and death from suffocation after running out of fuel and the generator on the other hand, in addition to the fear of some NATO soldiers who were not pleased with the addition of more survivors to them on the other hand. Besides the fear of a mysterious external third party no one knows what he intends to do.

It’s this change of location and the transition from the limited-space plane flying in the sky to the larger bunker that naturally makes some episodes slower, because it lacks that sense of danger. So the series takes a while for the new dangers to start appearing, but once they actually appear, the series unleashes itself, and makes fans of watching the series at once do not budge before finishing the entire second season, especially with the end of almost every episode in an exciting situation that makes you compelled to watch the next episode to find out what will happen.

And this season continues in the same style, where the title of each episode comes under the name of one of the characters, to shed light on them and give us a deeper look into the stories of their backgrounds and how they got here. But the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world makes it difficult to predict the actions of any of the survivors, survival may turn the criminal into an honest person or the opposite, so the series is characterized by the unpredictability of what any character might do. What increases the level of risk also is that the series may kill any main character at any moment, and thus the viewer remains on his nerves, anticipating and fearful for his favorite characters of death or being killed.

What Sylvie Lorenzio did throws his weight on her. After the rest of the team reached the bunker via the other road at the end of last season, I knew that Lorenzio had met a horrific fate, but he is a member of NATO, and if they knew that he died in this way, they would not condone what happened, so we live with her moments of tension. Waiting to know what the consequences of what happened. At the same time, our friends are divided into two parts, which raises the level of danger, as the first half sets out to travel again in search of grain before the mysterious third party beats them, while the second half remains stuck at the mercy of NATO soldiers, adding to the series with its accelerating events a sense of threat and exciting anticipation. . And the season ends with a very exciting hangover, which means he’s sure to get at least a third season.

The events of the second season of Into The Night travel from a plane into the underground bunker. But this does not mean that the new framework does not carry the same momentum that characterized the first season, although it takes an episode or two to start unleashing great dangers, but this does not mean that the danger has passed, on the contrary, the sun is no longer the only danger Which threatens our heroes, but new and unexpected dangers appear hiding in every nook and cranny, taking us on a journey of tension and survival spanning 6 more episodes, and paving the way for at least a third season.

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