Scream (2022) Official Trailer

Scream, directed by Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillett, is released in cinemas on January 14, 2022.

Twenty-five years after a series of brutal murders rocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer puts on a Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teens to resurrect secrets from the town’s murderous past.

Neve Campbell (“Sydney Prescott”), Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) and David Arquette (“Dewey Riley”) return for their famous roles in Scream alongside Melissa Barrera, Kyle Galner, Mason Gooding, Mickey Madison, Dylan Minnette and Gina Ortega. , Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmine Savoy Brown, and Sonia Amar.

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