Scarlet Nexus will get 3 paid DLCs and a free update

Last June, Scarlet Nexus was available across home devices and PC, and the game performed well, whether in terms of ratings or even sales, which made Bandai Namco decide to support the game during the coming period, and the game will get paid content and free updates.

Bandai announced today that the Scarlet Nexus over the coming months will get paid updates in addition to, as we mentioned, free updates. The company indicated that there will be 3 paid packages that contain a variety of costumes for the game’s characters, which were designed outside the company, in addition to a set of weapons and in-game tools. As for free updates, the company said it will share more details with us in the near future.

Meanwhile, the upcoming 1.03 update was revealed this month, which will add new options for camera locations, tracking speed, enemy tracking, increased camera movement speed, options for text size and system log messages, and the option to toggle animations when SAS is activated. Your character’s movement outside of battle will also be smoother and faster.

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