Samsung removes ads from its default apps

The user can accept the presence of advertisements on websites or even on social networking sites. This is because it is free to use. But most Samsung phone users can’t accept having ads within the operating system and default apps because their phones are really expensive.

Samsung phones have been showing ads for many years. This is within the default user interface for its phones. This has exposed it to many criticisms, but the company has previously announced its intention to remove ads from its default applications.

And the Korean giant began to fulfill the promise. This is because it has removed ads from Samsung Health and Samsung Pay. It was confirmed by one of the official Samsung community admins.

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The news comes from Release Korean for Samsung community. Therefore, it may take some time to remove ads from applications in other countries. Note that indications show us that the company intends to remove advertisements in its various forms from its phones and applications.

Perhaps one of the most overrated apps is the Weather Channel app built into the company’s smartphones. As it displays huge ads frequently.

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Remove ads from Samsung apps

Smartphones display advertisements within the operating system and applications in general to increase profits and revenue. As watching an ad from millions of users around the world could save the company millions of revenue. However, this behavior was still hated by all users around the world.

Perhaps the obvious reason for this rejection is that smartphones, as previously mentioned, are an expensive product. Therefore, its user does not expect to be forced to watch ads after paying a sum of money that may exceed a thousand dollars.

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Users of Samsung Pay and Samsung Health applications have reported that the experience of using the applications has become significantly better after removing the ads. This is because these ads make the app load time longer and usually distort the interface.

It is reported that last August, the company officially stated through mobile chief Roh Tae-moon that it plans to remove ads from all of its applications, including Samsung Themes and Weather applications, which are used to change the look of the phone and track the weather, respectively.

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