Samsung releases watch straps made of apple peel

announced Samsung announces 6 limited-edition watch bands for the Galaxy Watch 4 collection made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials including apple peel.

The collection was created in collaboration with Sami Miro, a fashion designer whose previous collections used recycled materials. Watch straps are available starting at $39.99.

The set includes 6 designs. The Midnight Black and Stratus Sky belts are made from 100 percent apple peel extracted from the fruit industry.

The company claims that the material has the appearance of premium leather, when it is clearly not obtained from animals.

The Aurora Night, Cloud Navy, Earth Sunrise and Dawn Atlas belts are made from a thermoplastic polyurethane that Samsung says is recyclable.

Each limited-edition watch band was created with different occasions in mind. According to the designer, colors including Stratus Sky, Cloud Navy, and Midnight Black are appropriate for any time of the day. While Aurora Night and Dawn Atlas are suited for special occasions.

Besides the watch straps, the company is also releasing a set of three free SMV Atlas I, SMV Serenity and SMV Atlas II watch faces available for download from the Google Play Store.

And the most sustainable option is always to use the watch strap that came with your smartwatch. But if you’re buying an aftermarket watch band, it’s good to know that some efforts have been made to reduce its environmental footprint.

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Samsung releases watch straps made of apple peel

It is hoped that the company’s future smartwatches will use these materials as standard, not just optional accessories.

The company uses sustainable materials in its packaging, and as of last year, its locations across the US, China and Europe were powered by 100 percent renewable energy.. But it still has a lot of work to do to reduce the environmental impact of its devices themselves, particularly when it comes to repairability.

The collection is inspired by the beauty and colors of Mother Earth to serve as a reminder to prioritize mindfulness, health, wellness and sustainability every day.

This matches the Galaxy Watch 4’s focus on health, with features that can measure oxygen, stress, water intake and sleep patterns. It also offers fitness features such as guided workouts, group challenges, and more. Or set up a home gym by connecting your Galaxy Watch 4 to a compatible Samsung Smart TV.

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