Samsung launches Expert RAW app for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung has released a new camera app in beta that allows you to use Pro Mode on all four rear cameras of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This means that Pro Mode is supported on both telephoto cameras, rather than being limited to the main and ultra-wide sensors.

The software update was expected to add the option inside the default camera app. But the Korean company decided that the independent option was the best solution.

And the new Expert RAW app was released on the Galaxy Store in South Korea. But the app is available for download if you want to sideload it.

The app appears to be only available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra at the moment running Android 12 with One UI 4.0.

The new app overcomes the limitations of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is that the Pro Mode of the main camera app is only available with two of the four rear cameras. (The main camera is 108MP and the ultra-wide camera is 12MP. But not the 10MP telephoto camera or the 3x telephoto camera.)

And by accessing the Pro mode, when using the enhanced zoom levels of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera. You have full access to shutter controls, adjust ISO and exposure levels, view live histograms, and adjust highlight, shadow, and saturation levels.

points Application ad It also supports HDR with the ability to save and store images in JPEG and 16-bit Linear DNG RAW formats.

Samsung adds Pro Mode support for the telephoto camera

DNG files include multi-frame HDR processing of regular JPEGs. But with the added flexibility of a 16-bit RAM file.

And you can have the files just the way you want it. Without worrying about losing the excellent dynamic range, detail, and sharpness of Galaxy S21 Ultra photos.

And Adobe Lightroom integration appears to be included as well. You can also open RAW photos directly in the photo-editing app via an in-camera toggle. There are also profiles that you can download for a smoother editing experience.

An application such as Lightroom must be used to edit the DNG file. This is because regular photo apps like Google Photos remove HDR and other post-processing.

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