Samsung adopts the 6.1-inch version of the Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S series of phones is one of the most important series of flagship phones in general, and the most important phones of Samsung in particular. The importance of this series has increased after Samsung abandoned the Galaxy Note series, making the Galaxy S phones the only non-foldable flagship phones from the company.

After the Korean company successfully held its conference last August, it is currently preparing for its next conference, which will be held next January. During which the company unveils the flagship Galaxy S22 series.

According to the previous two generations, Samsung will launch three versions of the phone, which are the regular version, the Plus version and the Ultra version. However, one of the new reports About The Elec explained that the company relies mainly on the regular version, which comes with a 6.1-inch screen.

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This is where the company plans to focus its production capacity on this version with up to 50-60% of production. While the Galaxy S22 Plus version, which comes with a 6.6-inch screen, will receive 20% of the production. And finally the Ultra version with 20-30%.

According to recent leaks, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with S-Pen support. Where the stylus will be kept within the body of the phone just like the Galaxy Note phones and not through a dedicated cover like what happened with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Samsung focus on Galaxy S22

The rumors that the Ultra Pencil version will be supported have been confirmed by more than one source. In the event that this occurs, the company will not need to launch new Note phones during 2022, and this may lead to the cancellation of the series completely.

This is as the Ultra version comes with leading specifications and a large screen size, and if it supports the stylus, it will be considered a Note phone, but in the name of the Galaxy S. According to reports, Samsung plans to produce 20 million smartphones from the Galaxy S22 series before launch.

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Although this number is large, it is lower than the Galaxy S21, as Samsung had planned to produce 26 million units of the previous generation, but ended up producing 30 million units before launch. Perhaps the main reason for this decline is the lack of chipsets and processors globally.

Over the past years, Samsung has distributed production capabilities on the series phones differently. That’s where the 2019 Galaxy S20 series included 40% of the regular Galaxy S20 version. And 45% for the Plus version, and only 15% for the Ultra version.

This is in light of 40% of the release of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the previous year. Plus 30% for the Galaxy S21 and S21+. These numbers reveal to us that Samsung does not care about the 2022 version of the Plus version, and perhaps this hints at an improvement in the specifications of the regular version.

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