Saints Row developer reveals main game characters and information about customization

No important information has appeared about the Saints Row robot since it was officially announced, so we will immediately convey to you what the developer recently stated about new information about the game.

Where revealed via The game’s official website There are three main characters in the game events that are different from the hero character that the player controls, and these characters are Neenah, a professional driver, Kevin, a professional DJ, and Eli, a person interested in the world of business and money making.

All of these characters in addition to the game’s hero will revolve their story around the world of crime and rise to the top in this underworld, and the developer has also revealed that the player can customize the way they use their main character as the leader of this world, which means they will be able to manage the crime world in their own way.

The developer also promises us the biggest customization features in the history of the series. These features allow the player to modify many key aspects of the hero’s character, criminal appearance and voice (there are eight completely different voices, four male and four female), in addition to customizing clothing and many customization options for vehicles. also.

For players who fear that the robot will depart too much from the essence of the series and the absence of the distinctive purple color in it, the developer confirms in his statement that there is no need to worry, and players will gradually find these themes and essence while playing.

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