Roland White on Last Night’s TV: Bake Without Cake? Sorry, it’s just a little… wooden

ROLAND WHITE reviews last night’s TV: Bake without cake? Sorry, it’s just a little… wooden

Handmade: Britain’s Best Carpentry Worker – Final


Task Manager


‘Misty’s top priority is to fix her wobbly bottom,’ Mel Gidruik said in the final. Handmade: Britain’s best carpentry worker (C 4). You can remove the presenter from Bake Off, but you cannot completely remove the Bake Off from the presenter. At least the bottom wasn’t soggy.

Fortunately, Misty was able to repair the base of her ambitious garden lounge, which looked like a wooden copy of the Apollo lunar module, and snatched the title from fellow finalist Charlie and Radha.

Rulers, furniture maker Helen Welch and architect Alex De Rijke commissioned a large exoskeleton. Radha produced a shed for meditation. Charlie knocked over a tent, although at one point she struggled with the hexagonal ring beam (the top).

Mel Giedroic hosted a final

Mel Giedwick hosted the final of ‘Handcraft: Britain’s Best Woodworker’

And there you have a problem with the heart of a handmade craft. It’s impossible to be excited about someone else’s hexagonal ring beam.

Handmade with many Bake Off items, it suffers in comparison. Bake Off is colorful and relentlessly optimistic. This was not always the case in handmade.

In the middle of the main challenge, the contestants were taken to an open-sided tent, where they had to make an inlaid picture of a nearby bridge. It was so cold, Radha brought a blanket, hot water bottle and a hand warmer. It was raining steadily outside as we watched them cut small pieces of wood with a scalpel.

Even if they don’t know anything about cooking, the average viewer can drool over a dozen pancakes or a chocolate cake. If you find yourself drooling on the fovea joint and tongue or a piece of a well-floated bolster, you should probably seek medical attention.

Transaction of the week:

The sitcom from the 1970s Some Mothers Do ‘Ave’ Em is now available on Britbox. Fans will enjoy Frank Spencer’s accident-prone adventures, while the rest of us can puzzle over this question: What on earth has my sweet home seen?

In Bake Off, winner Giuseppe rolls his eyes around his family in Italy. At Handmaid, Charlie declared, “I love my digital angle finder.”

Sorry, but give me an overcooked Belgian bun and a Hollywood handshake every time.

It was a big week for the finals. Not only handmade and baking, but also the latest offers from Task Manager (C 4). Comedian Morgana Robinson bore the series title and award, a golden bust of taskmaster Greg Davis. Second Prize: Two gold statues.

Taskmaster is one of those shows that holds you hostage and makes you laugh against your will. You sit there thinking it’s silly, and then – without warning – the contestants’ laughter becomes contagious.

For some of their final challenges, contestants were asked to make bird sounds, and – not at the same time – drink a large glass of ryebena while keeping their mouths open. This turns out to be more difficult than you think. Victoria Corinne Mitchell lasted eight minutes and 30 seconds, though comedian Desiree Burch dropped her glass in just seven seconds.

The contestants also had to propose to Alex Horn, who created the challenges, and this round produced one of the most disturbing moments. Perhaps the only touching moment for Taskmaster.

Victoria, who is married to comedian David Mitchell, could not bring herself to the proposal. She later explained, “I am very happily married.” “I’m very attracted to my husband, and I’m really worried about getting engaged to another guy, even as a joke.”

“Very nice if you ask me,” Greg Davies said.

It really was, but I wonder if Victoria has heard of this thing where people say things they don’t really mean? No, not politics – acting.


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