Riders Republic Year 1 Contents Revealed

Today, Ubisoft revealed its Year 1 post-launch content roadmap for Riders Republic, which includes free seasonal content and exclusive content for Year 1 Pass holders.

The contents of the first year of Riders Republic will include four different seasons with unique themes:

  • Starting from day one with the pre-season grand opening, all players are invited to celebrate the launch of the Riders Republic and play several multiplayer modes: Team Races, Tricks Battle, All vs. All, Showdown Mode, and unlock exclusive rewards through weekly challenges. Year 1 Pass holders will be able to explore the map with two unique sets: the Rocket Bike and the Rocket Sled. These new elements will allow players to return to the game at high speeds to chart their flight path and create their own dangerous moves.
  • Winter comes to the Republic in Season 1. The Winter Party offers a seasonal progression where players can unlock content and rewards by participating in multiplayer experiences, special events and activities for a limited time. Year 1 Pass holders will also have access to additional unique kits that come with exclusive skin and content as well as an exclusive legendary cosmetic package to ride and skate in style.
  • In Season 2, it’s time for a showdown with the addition of an exciting 6v6 multiplayer mode that is played in untamed arenas. Players will engage in arenas with their team to collect and store more gems than the opposing team. Year 1 Pass holders will get additional awesome unique sets that come with exclusive skin and content.
  • Season 3 brings the Republic’s BMX Sport, along with dedicated BMX arenas, as well as new stadiums and events to explore. Exclusive to Year 1 Pass holders, the BMX season will also bring a new career with new sponsors and events, as well as a legendary cosmetic package.

In addition to the above, the Year 1 Pass offers exclusive access from day one to the two unique kits: Rocket Bike and Rocket Sledge, 7-day early access to all other unique kits and the addition of BMX Sport.

Massive team outdoor sports game Riders Republic releases October 28 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Stadia, as well as Windows PC.

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