Richard Littlejohn: Howzat? Michael Vaughan is innocent until proven guilty

What happened to the presumption of innocence? Horace Ramboll’s “Golden Thread Through British Justice” has been turned upside down time and again in recent years.

Another notable victim is former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan, who finds himself in the outer darkness over an unproven accusation of racism.

Yesterday BBC and BT Sport dropped Vaughan from their coverage of this winter’s Ashes series in Australia. His show Radio Five with Phil Tufnell has already been pulled.

The BBC cited “editorial reasons” for Vaughan’s dismissal from the Test Match Special.

Yesterday BBC and BT Sport dropped Vaughan from their coverage of this winter’s Ashes series in Australia

BT Sport was planning to use suspension from Australia’s Fox network. But since the Fox group includes Vaughan, BT now says it will make alternate arrangements unless he is eliminated.

Broadcasters’ cowardly rush to distance themselves from Vaughan follows tearful testimony before a House of Commons select committee of the former Yorkshire cricketer’s great companion.

Cricket clearly had a serious problem with pre-flood attitudes towards race, not just in certain locker rooms but at the highest level.

The heads have already been moved, and a formal investigation is still underway. This, though, is no excuse for a Jimmy Savile-style witch hunt against individuals accused of more than just hearsay.

The claim against Vaughan is that when he was captain of Yorkshire in 2009, he told a group of Asian players: “There are so many of you, we need to do something.”

Some of his colleagues support Rafeeq’s claims, others do not. Neither of us were there, so we can’t know what was said, or in what context.

Vaughan may be a paid member of the BNP, although I doubt that. After a companion’s testimony, she heard Monty Banesar, an England cricketer of Punjabi origin, praising Vaughan’s human management skills and telling LBC Radio that he did not believe his former captain was a racist.

Broadcasters' cowardly rush to distance themselves from Vaughan follows tearful testimony before a House of Commons select committee of the former Yorkshire cricketer's great companion.

Broadcasters’ cowardly rush to distance themselves from Vaughan follows tearful testimony before a House of Commons select committee of the former Yorkshire cricketer’s great companion.

Whatever the truth, the allegations against him fall far short. It’s not as if he used to go down to the field in a white cap and plant a burning cross in the middle of the ridiculous road.

Vaughan categorically refutes Rafiq’s account of events. However, he was denied due process of law.

We’re back in the “always believe the victim” zone here.

Vaughan’s character and career have been wiped out by “evidence” that will be challenged as inadmissible in a court of law. Even killers and rapists have the right to an adequate defense.

The single “racist” comment he allegedly made goes back 12 years. As Her Majesty said recently in different circumstances: Memories may vary.

You might have thought Vaughan, the eminent former England captain who won the Ashes in 2005, would at least be given the advantage of a fair hearing. We’ve taken this treacherous road before, of course.

Have we not learned any lessons from the infamous Operation Uttrie and the Midland blitzkrieg in “historic” sex crimes, which have devastated the lives of innocent men and their families?

Has anyone on the BBC thought about the injustice done to Paul Gambcini and Tony Blackburn blamelessly during the panic that followed Jimmy Savile?

apparently not. When it comes to accusations of racism or sexual misconduct, the usual rules no longer apply. Fecal justice is the order of the day, just to appease the anonymous burning mob on Twitter.

No presumption of innocence for Vaughan. Throw it on the fire. But there is a problem with Rambull’s golden thread. Once you hit her, things start to fall apart, as Rafeeq himself quickly finds out.

Soon after his testimony before the deputies, it was revealed that he was not completely without sin.

The Times revealed anti-Semitic messages he had posted to a fellow cricketer on Facebook in 2011. To his credit, he apologized profusely, and his supporters insisted that his demeaning remarks about Jews should not detract from his evidence of racism in the country. cricket.

True, but it illustrates the dangers of judging a man with an ill-advised, hateful, and unreserved comment in the bleak and distant past.

It is a pity that such indulgence did not extend to Michael Vaughan.

Self-proclaimed anti-racists calling for Vaughan to be “abolished” forever could do worse than note the calculated reaction of Marie van der Zyl, Speaker of the House of Representatives for British Jews.

She acknowledged that Rafeeq now understood the harm he had caused and said: “His apology certainly appears to be frank and there is no reason to believe he is not entirely sincere.”

We thank God for at least one adult in the room. Contrary to the usual social media mob reaction to their quarry, she did not demand that Rafeeq become an outcast and lose his livelihood forever.

People do and say stupid things, especially when they are young. Belief in forgiveness and redemption is the foundation of any civilized society.

We already have the Offender Rehabilitation Act, which effectively overturns previous convictions, depending on their severity, after a certain period of time.

In order to bring peace to Northern Ireland, the government has issued “letters of condolence” ensuring that hundreds of fugitive terrorists will not be prosecuted.

If Jerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are able to leave the past behind and sit in government, Michael Vaughan can remain part of the Test Match Special team, and his reputation will remain intact.

Especially since the accusation against him is baseless and has not been tested in court.

If Vaughan was still playing and was awarded the LBW, he would at least be entitled to appeal to Hawk-Eye and the third referee.

Therefore a similar opportunity should have been given to a suitable defense before the sentence was pronounced and taken to the place of execution.

The espionage of the past in search of “historical” atrocities is tearing society apart. It’s time to proclaim pardon and remind us of that “golden thread”.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Excellent, three sombrero to Red Wall Torres MP Scott Benton, who asked Stella Creasy to show Labor what made her ‘so special’ that she thought she could bring her into the Commons.

The women in his southern Blackpool constituency earn less than a third of her salary, yet they are still able to make childcare arrangements.

accurately. Where would it end if he brought every vice of his offspring to work? What if the teenage Kevin member of Hon is excluded from school? Could he sit on the green benches and play Grand Theft Auto on his iPad?

Why not, since the deputies seem to spend most of their time in the room tapping their cell phones.

Carrie quickly dumps Wilf in Boris for the day while she’s busy saving her lobsters from torture. The House of Commons would be like one of those horrific suburban pubs that let screaming kids run around the bar, knocking pints and pizza stuffing all over the place.

Keep in mind, having watched the last couple of untamed PMQs, a few dozen mucus-nosed babies vomiting, vomiting, and crawling all over the dispatch box might actually raise the tone of the place.

Westminster is consumed by the Dishi Reishi crack at number 10 and the hunt for the Chattie Pig. Does anyone outside the North Ring, let alone the M25, have any notice? Most people in the Red Wall think the Chatty Pig is a rickshaw on the A57 outside of Worksop. Triple the Bacon Bangos in all respects!

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, complained that the clergy were always portrayed on television as crooks or idiots.

That would be the same Justin Welby who recently compared climate change to the Holocaust, who stuck with Meghan Markle, failed to alert police to a pedophile priest and moved heaven and earth to stop Brexit.

Who are you, Besh: a rogue or a fool?

Love in a warm climate

Melting ice caps, tsunamis, and epidemics of boils. You name it, someone will blame it for climate change. But until now, no one suspected that rising temperatures were causing the higher divorce rates among albatrosses—wait for that. This is according to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Lisbon.

You cannot make it up. Who knew an albatross married? The warmer water seems to make them mate. No one seems to have told the Love Island contestants.

In the wake of Cop26, Wee Burney is embracing the green agenda to boost its low approval rates. Judging by this photo, she has already joined the Extinction Rebellion.

How long before you stick to Kingston Bridge in Glasgow in support of Insulate Britain?

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