Review of Volume 1 of Season 5 of La Casa De Papel (The Professor)

This review is free of burn for Volume 1 of Season 5 of La Casa De Papel (The Professor).

I wasn’t too excited about the new season of La Casa De Papel “The Professor” after I felt from the third season that it has turned into a commercial series that takes advantage of the great fame it has obtained to make more and more episodes, but I can say that I enjoyed Volume 1 of the fifth season more than I did with the fourth, especially with raising the level of action and risks in it to unprecedented levels. Unfortunately, in terms of the story itself, the series did not raise the level of dialogue, script, and details as I had hoped.

This season brings a new layer of action with the addition of an element of military warfare to the confrontations of our heroes trapped in the Bank of Spain, with spectacular explosions, bloody confrontations and Hollywood-level shootouts. This season has received special attention in terms of directing and details, as one scene may take many weeks to film. As the behind-the-scenes episode of the series that was shown after the end of the last episode reveals to us, one of the scenes needed two weeks of filming alone until it was completed, and another scene in which they recreated all the antiques and paintings down to the smallest details in one of the rooms in the Bank of Spain, which took time Too long to craft for a one-and-a-half minute scene.

This care and detail is what makes this season superior in terms of directing, photography and great effects. But he still suffers from the same problem that the past two seasons suffered, which is repetition on the one hand, and gaps in the drama and story itself on the other.

For example, we see in one of the scenes a snapshot of the long dialogue that cuts off action and explosions only in order to add drama and provoke one of the characters who sits for long minutes hearing the same words repeated and is simply provoked while the rest sit watching what is happening without stopping it, and in another scene (Perfectly expected) Something happens at a very crucial moment that is absolutely inevitable, only for that dilemma to be resolved and the story to continue without that problem.

As for the flashback clips, it is divided in this season into two parts, the first with the flashback of the Tokyo story, which introduces us more about its past and the reason why the Professor and Berlin chose her for this role, which was wonderful and exciting and added more layers to the character of Tokyo and its past. As for the second section, it focused on Berlin, but unfortunately these clips were present only to keep Berlin in the series, and although it introduces us to his past more and his son, it was a completely different and subsidiary robbery story that has nothing to do with what is happening with our friends stuck in the bank and does not provide or something late. On the contrary, the viewer may sometimes feel that it is slowing down the series and that he wants it to end to see what is happening at the present time. But it remains to say that Berlin is one of my favorite characters from the first season and it was nice to see him continue all these seasons despite his death. But I wish it had been combined in a more clever and suspenseful way that would make its scenes something to look forward to.

Another highlight of this season is that it takes the stakes to a whole new level. From the moment of Nairobi’s death last season, we know that no one is really safe, and that any character from the main team could die without hesitation. And that’s really what the season does, as our heroes get all kinds of bloody injuries that make us live long minutes worrying about them that it will lead to their death. In addition to opening the door to all the military weapons that come to mind from bombs, machine guns and even flamethrowers that Arturo can reach and unleash his madness.

And speaking of Arturo, I still feel the same disappointment that they ridiculed this character who was my favorite in the first two seasons and turned him into a megalomaniac, and here in this season he is getting crazy and completely out of control just to get his way. My disappointment also applies to the issue of trying to portray the police themselves as the evil side, portraying the one in charge of the operation, Colonel Tamayo, as evil, ruthless and willing to do anything to beat them, even if it means lying and forgery, although in another scenario he would be the hero, as they continue to say. Professional agent Gandia is beaten up and portrayed as a villain even though he is in fact doing his job to protect the bank and gold from being robbed by a group of criminals whom the series portrays as heroes and asks us to sympathize with them. I’ve had this mixed feeling since season three, and I still think I wish they’d stick with the story of a group of thieves who just make a clever burglary, rather than trying to turn them into revolutionaries who garner public support even though they’re just thieves.

However, if you’re only watching the series for the fun of action and your love of characters, you won’t be disappointed at all. Where the series spares no effort in providing a superior level of action worthy of Hollywood, with events that do not hesitate to expose any of our beloved friends to high risks that may take their lives, as happened with Nairobi. The fifth and final episode of Volume 1 ends with a breathtaking moment that will make all fans of the series lose their nerve, especially with the need to wait until December 3, 2021 for the release of the second part.

Despite the procrastination and gaps in the story and events, which extends from the third and fourth seasons to the fifth, this season is better than the previous two seasons, and does not skimp on providing the super and bloody action that reaches the level of Hollywood, while raising the stakes to unprecedented degrees that make every One of our lovable heroes is liable to die at any moment, adding new layers of excitement that make it worth the wait.

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