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Apple allows you to reset your AirPods so you can fix problems with the headset or use it with a new phone.

This allows you to buy used AirPods and reuse them with your phone, or use your old headphones with a new iPhone.

You can also rename the speaker to any new name you wish, as the old name is automatically deleted when you re-pair with the new phone.

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Steps to reset AirPods

The reset process deletes all the old data stored inside the handset, leaving the handset empty and ready to pair with any new phone, as if it just came from the factory.

So you need to pair it again with your old phone if you want to.

You also lose all the preferred settings that you changed in the headset.

And you should check the condition of the headphones battery before you start the reset process, as the headphones need to be charged in order to connect with the new phone well.

You can leave the headset connected to the charger for 15 minutes until it is ready to pair again.

Then you need to press the small button on the back of the charging case of the headphones.

You must hold the button for 15 continuous seconds until the light turns red.

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You can also press this button away from the old phone so that the headset does not pull the same data from the phone again.

You then need to re-pair the headset with the new phone, and you can do this as you did before when you purchased the headset.

And you can change the name of the headset after the new pairing process, by going to the Bluetooth settings, and choosing the headset after that.

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How to re-pair Airpods Max

AirPods Max headphones are Apple’s first generation of over-ear headphones, and they don’t come with their own charging case.

So you need to charge the headset a little bit at first, and then press and hold the Noise Control and Digital Crown buttons until the light changes to red.

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