Renault unveils Megane E-Tech electric car

revealed Renault presents the electric Megane E-Tech at the IAA Munich Motor Show. Although the specifications look good enough. But the safety functions are the most striking aspect of this electric vehicle.

The Fireman Access feature stems from a partnership between the French group and French firefighters that stretches back over a decade.

The electric vehicle includes special access to the battery for rescue teams. The company claims this can allow first responders to extinguish a battery fire within five minutes. Compared to one to three hours for most electric car battery fires.

There is also a switch under the rear seat that allows rescue teams to disconnect the battery. In addition, the company put a QR code on the windshield.

The idea is that rescue teams can scan the code to learn details about the car’s chassis. They can learn the locations of the battery and airbags, as well as information about where they are safely disconnected in the car.

The company says this information can help first responders save up to 15 minutes when trying to free an accident victim, which could help save lives.

No two electric vehicles are built the same way, and first responders won’t necessarily know the intricacies of each vehicle.

As a result, providing information about the structure of the Megane E-Tech Electric using a QR code is a smart move. The same goes for easy access to the battery to help put out fires faster.

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Renault unveils Megane E-Tech electric car

The latest version of the Megane line is built on Renault’s CMF-EV platform. As for the body, the designers were inspired by the Morphoz concept that the company introduced last year.

There are two powertrain options, a base model with 130 hp and a more advanced model with 215 hp.

And you can choose from two battery packs as well. The 40 kW option has a range of 300 km, and the 60 kW package should save you up to 470 km of driving on a single charge.

And when the car is connected to a 130W fast charging station, you can add up to 300 km of driving range in 30 minutes of charging time.

The OpenR infotainment system is based on the Android Automotive OS operating system, so you can access Google’s apps and its voice assistant.

Renault says that while you’re on a longer trip, the system can help you locate charging stations that reduce your trip time.

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