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Renad Emad, the star of Tik Tok, from fame to prison

She became famous on the social networking site “Tik Tok” for her videos, and she had a lot of followers, until Renad Imad, the daughter of Tik Tok, became one of the most famous users of this site, but the situation changed after that. After the security services began arresting him, and after months of interrogation, he ended up living behind bars.

At the end of June of last year, and based on a report submitted by lawyer Ashraf Farhat, founder of the campaign to clean up the community, a security force arrested Renad Emad, the girl of Tik Tok, and J was at the opening of a owned café. By the son of a famous folk singer, to be taken after. In the Arts Investigations Unit, where she was accused of publishing videos and photos that violate the values ​​and principles of the family in society.

The security services had announced that they had monitored the accused and monitored his videos, until the security services were able to arrest him in the Dokki area in Giza Governorate, and published a report proving his arrest, and informed the public. The public prosecutor who took over the investigation.

The prosecution investigated Renad Imad, the daughter of Al-Tiktouk, and charged her with several charges, including undermining the values ​​and principles of the family in society, in addition to the charge of human trafficking, because of her use of her younger sister in the videos. . It was a visualization.

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