Removing the originals from the GTA trilogy divides players between opponents and indifferent

The originals of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are still some of the most famous classics in the history of the industry so seeing them go away is not easy even though they will be back soon with an official remaster.

Players are concerned about the Rockstar team’s decision to remove the originals from the official stores, which is supposed to be implemented from today, October 11, and unfortunately the developer did not provide a justification for such a decision, perhaps because the reason is obvious and obvious for the new versions to become alternatives for the upcoming ones and the two do not disturb their presence in the market.

Despite this, many players expressed their annoyance with this decision, as they consider such decisions to reduce the possibility of preserving old classic games over time and this is especially worrying for iconic games such as GTA, which is an important part of the history of the gaming industry.

Players also worry about other issues such as the way the developer deals with licensed music in the remastered versions. It is possible that we will not see the same musical works or what you hear on the radio. An option for gamers at the moment if they want to try out these games.

On the other hand, some players do not agree with these fears and find no point in discussing, as in their opinion there is no point in having old versions when the remaster is released.

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