Rebot developer Saints Row understands fans’ shock but won’t back down from the project

Always when the developer makes the decision to announce a complete reboot of a series of games that he has been working on for many years, he will undoubtedly receive a wave of criticism or angry reactions from fans of the series.

This is what actually happened with the fans of the Saints Row series, whose fans are accustomed to a certain style of gameplay and design, and saw a deviation from that in the recent announcement of the bot version from developer Volition, and they did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction and accuse the bot of departing from the essence of the series and its identity.

As for the developer of the robot, he also did not hesitate to respond to these comments, as he stated through the official game account on Twitter that they understood the state of shock that surrounded the fans of the series now, but in his opinion, this is normal and expected to happen with any robot announcement and confirms that he will not retreat from its development.

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