Razer Pro Type Keyboard and Razer Pro Click Mouse Review

It is not wrong to say that Razer has found success in all its different product categories, from keyboards, mouse controls, headphones, microphones, and cameras. .

Nevertheless, the snake-obsessed company seems to have set its sights on an entirely different market, the business and everyday market. Where its new products Razer Pro Type and Razer Pro Click come to light, the wireless mouse and mechanical control panel have provided excellent features and luxurious components that the company is famous for, and in return have abandoned the flashy designs that usually attract gamers and instead tend towards a simpler and looking design suitable for work environments You won’t be ashamed to put it on your office table.

Razer Pro Type keyboard

The Razer Pro Type keyboard is a big departure from the company’s other popular boards like Huntsman and BlackWidow, ditching the ultra-black and RGB for a sleek, sophisticated look. The new control panel has a pure white and silver color and will turn heads when you activate the white LED lighting located at the bottom of the panel.

It’s a great looking keyboard, no doubt, but the design is not on par with the professional designs we see in luxury keyboards from companies like Logitech and Microsoft, and despite its elegant appearance, we still see familiar features clearly with other Razer gaming keyboards but with With large button covers and an LED lighting system, the panel stands out in a strange way, an amazing keyboard but not something you see every day in a work desk.

Design aside, this keyboard delivers performance when you need it, utilizing the company’s own Orange click-command transmission mechanism that I’ve found quieter than most others I’ve tried when tapping, meaning it’s much better to use in an environment. Closed work in which employees may usually be disturbed by the loud sounds of the keyboards, but this does not mean that they do not make any sound, but if you use the panel violently, it will make annoying sounds quickly, so if you want the quiet feature, you should deal with it lightly.

The Orange mechanism also has excellent button responsiveness, as well as a design that allows for soft, light button clicks so you’ll find yourself moving seamlessly from one button to the next effortlessly. And if you are an office employee and have not used a mechanical keyboard before today, the Pro Type could be an excellent start to the demand for this type of keyboard.

The Pro Type keyboard allows you to connect and switch between three Bluetooth devices as well as use a 2.4GHz wireless connection if that’s your preference, and switching between saved profiles for Bluetooth connections was easy using a special combination of button clicks but expect to struggle. From constant drops and response delays if you’ve ever wanted to use your Bluetooth connection constantly, we’ve found the 2.4GHz wireless connection to be the most stable and quickly become our preferred way of using this keyboard.

Regarding the battery, the battery in the Razer Pro Type can withstand up to 8 and 10 hours after a single charge and the backlight is set to 70%, and this is disappointing because the user has to recharge the panel constantly unless you want to use the panel without LED lighting, that will It gives you a much larger number of hours of use – 84 hours on Bluetooth and 78 hours on wireless, although it’s hard to see the name and action of each button without the backlight.

The Razer Pro Type keyboard offers a competitive price of AED 450, excellent overall performance, and an exhilarating typing experience. If you do not mind this design in your work environment and if you are ready to use the panel without the backlight then it is an excellent keyboard for you.

Razer Pro Click

This mouse was created in collaboration with Humanscale and the result is a great product. Humanscale is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic accessories for work environments and Razer has helped Razer create and produce a keyboard that is stylish, ergonomic, and simply fun to use.

The way the mouse is designed makes your wrist at a 30-degree angle when holding the mouse, which prevents the wrist from sliding around on the computer table as happens with most control mice, but instead the design of the mouse forces you to use your arm and shoulder to hold it, which is of course more powerful than your wrist alone They are more likely to use a mouse and are less inclined to get tired and tired after a full day of work.

I’ve used the Pro Click mouse for several days at work and although its swollen, round design took a while to get used to (especially because it’s small and light) I quickly got used to it and began to appreciate the comfort it provided.

Like the aforementioned keyboard, the color theme here is also raw white and gray, but unlike the keyboard, the Pro Click mouse is really different from any previous product that Razer has worked on and looks like it belongs to a work environment, and it has a very elegant and beautiful appearance as well as it has Metal construction at the curves and at the mouse wheel gives it a very elegant look.

The only thing I didn’t like about the overall design was the use of a micro-USB port for charging. With most modern devices today moving to USB-C ports, the decision to use micro-USB is confusing, and what’s worse is that the space in the port is designed in a way. Especially so that the cable that came with the mouse box is used exclusively and not others.

Fortunately, you won’t do a lot of charging for this mouse because the battery is rated with a lifespan of 400 hours on a single charge, which means that it will last for several months with ease depending on the nature of your use of it.

Turning to the issue of performance, the company has showcased its expertise and skills in making professional mousepads and equipped its new Pro Click mouse with some of the best in-house equipment, as we have the Razer 5G Optical Sensor with 99.4% accuracy and 1600 DPI rate, which will not help you win in Professional esports matches but satisfying enough in the work environment.

We have used the mouse on different types of surfaces such as wood, glass and jeans and have had no trouble following movement commands but for the best possible experience it is always recommended to use a mouse pad, and Razer has a pad for this purpose titled Pro Glide that is designed to work with the Pro Click mouse and has a similar look The mouse is made of a tightly woven fabric surface to give the user complete control over the movement of the mouse and prevent slipping and avoid slipping out of place.

The mouse has a mechanical response mechanism for the right side button and the left button, both of which are rated to withstand up to 50 million clicks and have an excellent response rate. The mouse also has eight programmable and customizable buttons, but this means that you have to deal with the company’s custom Razer Synapse software to change the settings of the controllers, which It has received improvements over the years and is no longer as bulky and slow as it used to be, but in any case it is still complicated if you are unfamiliar with Razer products.

The control mouse comes with a wireless connection mechanism, such as the one we talked about in the aforementioned keyboard, so that you can switch between three previously registered profiles when connected to Bluetooth, along with the option to connect wirelessly via an external piece that comes with the charging case and supports the 2.4GHz frequency, and it is easy to switch between The registered profiles in a simple way will be useful to anyone who is running more than one device at the same time.

The price of the Razer Pro Click mouse is 400 dirhams, which does not differ from the leading mouse in the market currently, Logitech MX Master 3, but puts it in strong competition. The Pro Click mouse has a beautiful design, comfortable to use and offers a long battery life and programmable and responsive buttons. If you are interested in trying something different, this new mouse is a perfect fit.

The Razer Pro Type and Razer Pro Click are an excellent first step by the company into the market for class-leading computer accessories for general users. The company has succeeded in correctly incorporating the essential features into both products, in which we find high-quality professional performance and elegant and beautiful design. Both are available at attractive prices compared to the competing products, which helps them to enter this market steadily.

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