Rayz Rally Pro .. a device designed for Google Meet

announced Appcessori has announced Rayz Rally Pro, a Nest Mini-sized speaker that acts as a microphone for Google Meet calls.

The device comes as the first device in the Designed for Google Meet program announced by Google.

Rayz Rally Pro combines a powerful, portable audio device with an app to deliver exceptional mobile video conferencing experiences. It is specifically designed for Google Meet.

The device automatically boots Google’s conferencing platform as the preferred conferencing app. Rayz Rally Pro is an ideal conferencing solution for home professionals who are looking for a fast, high-quality way to change their environments while making video calls.

The device is versatile as it is a wired and wireless speaker, microphone, fast phone charger, phone holder and app launcher.

“We are excited to announce Rayz Rally Pro to address many of the issues in typical teleconferencing scenarios,” Appcessori said.

“We worked closely with the Google Meet hardware team to develop this device that provides a compelling mobile conferencing solution for Google Workspace users.”

Google said: “We are excited to see the launch of Rayz Rally Pro as the first mobile product available under the Designed for Google Meet program, which identifies peripherals designed specifically for the video conferencing platform.”

She added, “Rayz Rally Pro takes video teleconferencing to the next level by connecting video, audio, and Google Meet together in a powerful mobile experience.”

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Rayz Rally Pro .. a device designed for Google Meet

The device features Plug and Tap, a key innovation that allows users to instantly join a call. It is intended for Pixel devices from Google and iPhone from Apple. But it works easily with almost any laptop or tablet via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Device and application integration is enhanced by advanced digital audio processing, resulting in improved conferencing and music listening experiences.

The Rayz Rally Pro includes a powerful omnidirectional microphone built in and takes advantage of advanced audio processing technology. This is to transmit clear and natural sound through any call or audio recording.

In addition, Rayz Rally Pro makes switching between unmute and mute seamless with a dedicated mute button. Which lights up in red to mute and green to unmute. And the mute button works with any audio or conferencing app.

Rayz Rally Pro supports multiple charging and power modes:

  • Fast charging via USB: Rayz Rally Pro allows the connected smartphone to be charged at the fastest charging rate the phone supports.
  • Charging the phone from Rayz Rally Pro battery: Ray Rally Pro automatically charges the connected phone from its internal battery.
  • Reverse power from smartphone to Rayz Rally Pro: Rayz Rally Pro has the ability to continue operation even when the internal battery is completely drained using a small amount of smartphone battery.

The Rayz Rally Pro comes in two models and is available to ship worldwide on September 17, 2021, at $199.

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