Rainbow Six Siege Finals officially kicks off tomorrow as part of the Saudi Electronic Sports Federation Cup

The activities of the Saudi Federation for Esports Cup will continue tomorrow with the finals of the Rainbow Six Siege tournament, which presents blazing competitions between the top Saudi teams.

And while we look forward to the final day of Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow, it now kicks off via The account of the “Saudi Electronic Sports Federation” on the “Twitch” platform Day two of the Rainbow Six Siege Season Two Finals.

Today’s winners will be able to reach the finals of the tournament tomorrow, and approach the grand prize, especially since the Rainbow Six Siege tournament, like its predecessors, includes huge financial prizes exceeding 2.8 million Saudi riyals, which, as we mentioned, comes in cooperation with the Saudi Federation for Electronic Sports and IGN Middle East.

Fans looking to watch the event can follow it live on the official Saudi Esports Federation channel at Twitch. You can also follow the Saudi Esports Federation at Twitter To see all updates and information about the tournament live. And of course, we will share with you the results of the tournament tomorrow at the end of it.

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