PUBG Mobile National Championship 2021 Winners Announced

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With more than 4,000 registered teams from across Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq, the PUBG Mobile National Championship got off to a great start as teams from those countries put their best foot forward in pursuit of the championship title, as well as clinching a portion of the $150,000 prize pool. American, and a seat in the second season of the PUBG Mobile Professional League.

The cup kicked off on July 13, 2021, and the competition saw the top 16 teams from each country display their talents, skills and strategic expertise to beat opponents and win matches that always ended with excitement and tension.

Below are the results for each country:

In Saudi Arabia, the FalconEsports team managed to win by completely dominating the opponents and achieving a massive lead in points on the leaderboards. By the end of Day Three Finals, they were in first place with 207 points, well ahead of second-placed HeadQuarters with 164 points, while Knockout Esports finished third with 133 points.

FalconEsports won $15,000 plus a seat in the second season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League. HeadQuarters took home $6000, while Knockout Esports won $3,000. The distribution of prizes remains the same between the teams in all participating countries.

The most valuable player in Saudi Arabia finals was DAMAR, who won $1,000 for his performance.

As for Egypt, which saw around 1,800 registered teams, it was 963Egypt that won the tournament title, thus securing their place in the first place with 169 points, as they got only 9 points more than the second place winner QLASH Hawks, who collected 160 points, while TEAM’96 finished third with 149 points.

The most valuable player in the Egypt finals was ZUXXYYY, who won $1,000 for his performance.

And last but not least, for Iraq, KURD12 was the team that managed to win out of the 1800 registered teams.

The team rose to the top with 190 points, outperforming the second-place winner Conqueror Iraq, who collected 161 points. The Warriors finished third with 158 points.

The most valuable player in Iraq was FREAK, who won $1,000 for his performance.

After the tournament, the winning teams spoke to us about the challenges they faced during the tournament, their most memorable moments, and what winning means for them and their country.

What difficulties did you face to become champions?

Team 963EGYPT: We didn’t have any major difficulties in terms of playing or even understanding. We have been in control of the tournament from the beginning, and this is what appeared after we achieved the top spot in the group stage, the semi-finals runner-up and the top spot in the finals, and this indicates the high readiness and the absence of difficulties.

Falcon Esports Team: We had great difficulties in qualifying from the semi-finals, but in the final we did not have any difficulties in achieving the title.

KURD12 Team: We faced many difficulties in the group stage, of course the beginning was difficult, but the most important thing is that we endured and were able to overcome these difficulties! We certainly learned from mistakes and everything was fine in the end!

How long have you been playing together, and when was the team formed?

Team 963EGYPT: The team has been playing together since the tournament qualifiers PMNC, The team was created specifically for this tournament, and it was a strong start, as we achieved the championship, and this is an impressive successNS.

Falcon Esports Team: Some players have been playing with each other for more than 2 years, but all players have been with the team for 9 months.

KURD12 Team: It was a good year for sure and we stayed together as a strong team and didn’t miss anyone from the team, and our squad was from Season 7 (from PUBG Mobile).

Are you proud of being the heroes of your country? Can any player be a hero?

Team 963EGYPT: Yes, of course, we are proud of being the heroes of our mother country, and I consider that we have achieved something special for this country that deserves more. Our goal is to better represent Egypt in a tournament PMPL. No player can be a hero, only a player who works hard and perseveres can achieve the title of champion.

Falcon Esports Team: aKid, we’re so proud of this achievement, it feels so good To be the champion of Saudi Arabia. And yes, all players are on the same level, but the role of each player is different from the other.

KURD12 Team: Frankly, we cannot describe our very wonderful feeling of pride, as if it was a dream come true. So far we are still thrilled.

What are the most memorable moments of the tournament?

Team 963EGYPT: Of course the most memorable moments are the crowning moments, the team winning the title and knowing that they qualified for the pmpl And Egypt’s upcoming representatives, all were unforgettable moments.

Falcon Esports Team: It was a great comeback to the semi-finals, we were 19th place before the last day of qualifying, and on the last day we rose to third place.

KURD12 Team: will not Forget any moment! And every time we won it brought us closer and closer to the big win.

Were your families supporting and encouraging you? Do they watch your matches?

Team 963EGYPT: NSA family is the main element in every success. Without the presence of the family, their support and motivation, we would not be what we are now. This victory is a beautiful gift we offer to the family. And yes, some family members watched the final and liked it.

Falcon Esports Team: Yes, we got a lot of support from our families, who encouraged and supported us with tournaments and watching them.

KURD12 Team: Our families and friends have been relentless in their continuous support from the very first moment in this tournament! Without their support and love, we would not have won the championship.

What is your advice to players who dream of becoming a professional?

Team 963EGYPT: The advice to the players is not to stop dreaming and try to achieve it no matter what. Tiredness, effort, perseverance and hard work may achieve the impossible. We advise them not to stop being ambitious or give up at any time, and as we always say: A blow that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger..

Falcon Esports Team: You have to make great efforts and face difficulties and problems in the beginning, but no give up, and do Setting short and long term goals.

KURD12 Team: We recommend that you like Your teammate, and always train together to keep improving! Dream and let your dreams be wonderful, because these dreams can come true.

You can watch the entire final day of each of the Egypt, And Iraq, And Kingdom Saudi Arabia On PUBG Mobile Esport MENA YouTube channel.

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