PS4 Update 9.00 launched

Sony launched a few hours ago A new update for PS4 comes with the number 9.00 and the size of approximately 490 MB of download.

The new update allows you to see the trophies that can be earned in PS5 directly through the previous generation PS4 devices, and also makes other modifications where you can now delete a group if you are its founder and when doing so the group will be deleted for all participating members.

Also, from now on when you block someone you can choose to leave the group that only you and that person are in, but you will not be able to leave a group that contains other players.

As for other mods, on your Android or iOS/iPadOS device, you can now use the PS Remote Play app to sync with your PS4 using mobile data.

At the end of the details of the update, the company disclosed improvements and modifications regarding the feature of parental control over their children’s activity. When a teenager or a monitored child requests the use of communication features in a game, parents or those responsible for them will receive a direct notification on the PlayStation app and also on the PS4, and when the parents agree On this request the player will receive a notification of approval or rejection if this happens.

Finally, you can choose to receive alerts via your PS4 system or via e-mail regarding the launch of new products on the PlayStation Store or the presence of special offers. You can modify this by entering the main settings, then account management, then account information, and finally media preferences.

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