Professor Trans, 34, defends pedophiles as ‘attractive minors’

Trans professor, 34, defends pedophiles as ‘young attractions’ after 15,000 people signed online petition

Trans Old Dominion professor who has been criticized for saying pedophiles should be called “slightly attracted people” to reduce the stigma attached to them resigned.

Dr. Allen Walker, who uses their pronouns, was put on leave by Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, last week after a wave of outrage over their observations and opinions.

Walker has written a book that attempts to remove the stigma of child sexual abuse. He encourages people to refer to pedophiles as “people attracted to minors” and says that they should not be ostracized because of their impulses they cannot help.

Walker, who uses the pronouns they/them, said in a recent online interview with the Prostasia Foundation, a child advocacy group that promotes the use of a child sex doll for pedophiles, that pedophiles did not ask to be sexually attracted to children.


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