Pixel phones automatically record and share video in an emergency

Google retains some exclusive features for Pixel phones. One of the most important of these features is the Personal Safety app, which helps the user to maintain his personal security in many cases.

During the previous years, Google provided this application with a number of features and characteristics. Including alerting trusted contacts in the event that the user has not responded to specific notifications that the application reassures the owner of the phone.

In addition to alerting trusted contacts, the Pixel phone is able to automatically call local emergency services such as 911 in the USA. has Discover XDA-Developers new feature has been added which will increase user security significantly.

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The new update allows the application to record a video of up to 45 minutes in emergency situations, and after recording this video and if the phone is connected to the Internet, the video will be uploaded to Google Drive automatically.

This video is kept for a week, with an option to allow the phone to automatically share the clip with trusted contacts by sharing the download link after uploading it to Google Drive. Also, all these steps are done automatically without user intervention.

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Pixel Security Features

This new feature also compresses the video. This is because every minute equals 10 megabytes, meaning that a 45-minute full-time video has an area of ​​only 450 megabytes. Which makes it easy to upload and share the video automatically.

Google explained that this feature is directed to the protection of the user and his personal security. It is used only in photographing emergency and sudden cases. After updating it, all Pixel phone users can access and control these new features through the Personal Safety app.

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The user can activate the Emergency SOS feature in emergency situations by pressing the power button five times in succession. The phone then continues to function normally but a notification appears indicating that it is currently photographing.

Emergency SOS features include many user-configurable settings. However, these settings may change from one country to another, as well as the features and features available within the Personal Safety app.

It is reported that Google has started testing a version of Emergency SOS within the expected Android 12 system. But at the moment these features are still exclusive to Google Pixel phones.

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