Paradox has canceled several unannounced games to focus on strategic gaming projects

Paradox Interactive announced in press release About canceling the development of several unannounced games in an attempt to save resources and direct them towards safer projects to ensure the company’s revenues.

Paradox continues working on projects like Victoria 3 and Bloodlines 2.

Despite this, there are still 15 projects of new games that the company is currently uploading, including Victoria 3, Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, Crusader Kings 3 and Shadowrun Trilogy for home platforms, as well as several additional content projects.

The director of the company explained that the goal of the cancellation is to focus on the company’s reputation in making strategy games and games that will last long after their launch, as the company was born out of a passion for making this type of games and soon it will share more details with us about its new games that will be released in the following years.

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