Paradox accused of ‘culture of silence’ about sexism among employees

Published by the Swedish media Breakit The result of a survey in which 133 Paradox Interactive employees participated, and this result revealed that no less than 44% of the respondents were subjected to abuse and sexism.

The nature of the mistreatment of employees in the company has not been clarified, but it is currently accused of following what has been said to be a “culture of silence” about such misconduct by employees.

The result of the questionnaire also indicated that women constitute a quarter of the participants and that 69% of them confirm that they have been subjected to abuse and unethical treatment during the work period, and nearly a third of male employees have stated that they have been subjected to ill-treatment.

44% of the 133 employees in a union-conducted survey said that they'd experienced

According to the media report, the survey concluded that abuse in Paradox is a common and systematic problem among its employees and that many of the company’s employees feel indifferent about the issue and not take adequate measures to deter these problems.

The company has published an official statement to the site Eurogamer To respond about these accusations, and confirmed in this reply that she was aware of the existence of a questionnaire among her employees and that the result mentioned is of course not satisfactory for her and she will take immediate measures to remedy the problem, but she will not be able to act quickly due to the illegal nature of the questionnaire and because this information appeared at the time of her preoccupation in Administrative changes, and confirmed that it is currently looking into the matter of the results of the questionnaire with the internal research team and will take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

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