Overwatch 2 targets Q2 2022 for market launch

Amid the various lawsuits and disputes that Blizzard Entertainment has faced during the last period, this negatively affected the progress of Overwatch 2 and of course many other company games, until there were some rumors that the new part of the upcoming Overwatch shooting game is progressing slowly, and that the game may be It will not be released in 2022, as a previous rumor mentioned. But it seems that the hope is still there, and it seems that we will get the game within the next year.

However, there may have been some changes within the company’s walls recently. According to one of the reports, it was indicated that Dexerto He spoke to a source within Activision Blizzard about the game, who stated, “We are very aware that we need to publish Overwatch 2, and that the development team is looking to finish developing the game in the coming period and release the game before the summer of 2022.”

One possibility is that Overwatch 2 will be launched without much content, that more content will be added after its official launch, and that it will adopt the service-based gaming system that has become popular during the last period.

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