Our impressions after trying the Battlefield 2042 beta

Despite the quality of the Battlefield 1 game, with which I spent many hours playing with my friends, and also enjoying the Battlefield V experience, although it was not at its best, I was tired of the old wars and wanted to get the “Battlefield” experience in the spirit and the spirit of modern wars that we used to spend with Evenings at night we are not tired at all. Indeed, after a lot of waiting, rumors here and leaks there, EA and DICE studio came out to us announcing Battlefield 2042, which will take us back to modern wars and not any modern wars, as it will take us to the future this time. Since the first Battlefield 2042 game appeared, the motto of DICE studio has been that it is “the new generation of Battlefield” because of its innovative ideas and various additions that will make us in front of one of the best Battlefield experiences “as they describe”.

But before the announcement of its postponement a few days, some leaks began indicating that the game was suffering a bit, which appeared during the closed alpha version, which received not good reactions, and that the game is not ready for release yet. Which made the DICE team quickly come out and announce the postponement of the game’s launch date to November 19, after it was coming to us in October.

Since then, everyone has become anxious, whether old fans of the Battlefield series or even newcomers who want to try the latest parts of this ancient series. Therefore, DICE and EA decided to announce the open beta version in order to relieve the anxiety of players and those waiting for Battlefield, but I think that this decision was 1,000 times worse than the decision to announce the postponement of the game, so what we saw in the beta did not excite me personally. The series” will be able to experience the game as soon as it is released next November, with the owners of the traditional players. Over the course of 4 days, I tested the beta and encountered many things that I was never accustomed to in the Battlefield series. The game not only contains technical problems even on new generation devices, but it suffers in the core of the game, or we can say that the core of the game itself contains problems and shortcomings in the development process. Which clearly indicates that the game is not yet ready for release, whether next November or even this year, as the game needs a long time to work on solving these problems, before it is officially available, and to avoid a catastrophic launch. We will learn about these identity issues and all the details of the beta during this article, in which we will list our own impressions after trying the open beta version of Battlefield 2042.

Disappointing game map

You are in Guinea or French Guiana, and during your experience with that map, you will go in a race against time in order to try to stop the launch of the missile that is about to launch.  But at the same time, beware of enemy fire and incoming storms in this dynamic map that will let you know how advanced the destruction system really is.

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<p>During the unveiling of the Battlefield 2042 game, one of the features that the developer has repeated is that it offers dynamic game maps with a large area to suit the huge and uncharacteristic number of the Battlefield series, and that it can withstand 64 battles against 64 other players, and despite the fact that the map area is really large, but it is the first flaw And the disadvantages that I did not imagine, despite my excessive enthusiasm when the maps were revealed and how large they were.  Even my friends were afraid of fighting opportunities in some places, which could be marginalized “My answer was, DICE NO WORRIES,” but their expectation and apprehension seemed to be quite right.  With the enormity of the map, which I felt could not bear 128 players at once, but it was too huge for that number, the map can be presented to the game Battle Royale needs this vast space, which contains areas untapped at all, and all its goal within The game is to pass it for a few seconds, and head towards the areas that contain the shooting or the action that we want.</p>
<p class=During the beta version, we tried the Orbital map, which is a huge map located in French Guiana, which contains a missile launch headquarters. And competition, while the rest of the map does not live for those who call. The design of the Orbital map suffers a lot from making places that players prefer over other places that will force you to ignore, and this is not at all familiar with any other Battlefield parts, which whenever you enter an area competitive battles will begin, but here you can get occupation points in some easy time Very, so that the other team can get most of these points without bothering to engage in battles against your team, which is disappointing that made me lose my passion for this map, which is supposed to be the best map of the game because it is in the beta version “in the light that the good merchandise is placed in the foreground Always for the customers.” And if this map was that bad, whether in terms of battle design and the distribution of points, then he was the one who helped us in the rest of the game maps. If you miss one of the planes or any of the vehicles, believe me, my dear friend, you will be very upset, as you will have many, many and also a lot of running and walking in order to just join your squad members and try to start the battle, but the battle system itself in this vast map takes a long time from the match to start presenting The enthusiasm you are looking for.

Since we are talking about intense running that you will have to do a lot of times, one of the things that Battlefield 2042 did was cut from the roots of the entire Battlefield, and I decided to take inspiration from this part of the Call of Duty series, which is fast and flexible in movement. The player’s movement, whether the flexibility he enjoys or even while running, you find very close to the movement of players in Call of Duty games, which is something that some see as good “especially the newcomers” and because it will provide better help and movement during the fight, and there are those who see it as bad and does not express the Battlefield spirit that We grew up on it “and I am a supporter of this team”, due to the fact that the battles became easier for the players as if they lost a lot of their realism, so you find this rises to the sky with the hook and catches you “kills you easily” from behind, and you watch this move right and left very quickly while you snipe it, and avoid sniper shots Easily!! And many of those things that made us miss the Battlefield fun we used to know in its previous parts.

Videos and images have already started circulating online.

In contrast to the negatives I mentioned above, the Orbital map provides us with a very distinctive visual experience and pays attention to the smallest details in terms of graphics, as if we are in front of a new visual masterpiece that we are familiar with on the Battlefield series, through the missile base and the moment of the missile launch that you feel in the area, and if you can access to the top Buildings around this area, you will witness an interesting moment with your eyes as if you are in the heart of the action, which is very interesting, and this is one of the reasons why this area has always been my favorite and the most competitive area among all the other areas of the map. Also, the storms that DICE revealed will introduce major changes during their inception, were good visually, and created exciting moments especially if they were in one of the areas that contain fierce combat, this combat will turn into the sky in a crazy and fun, and of course you find the effects of these storms and dynamic changes on the map. And the system of destruction or Levolution, which deserves to be called the new generation indeed, the scene of the missile explosion, even the storms and the dynamic change of the weather contributed to providing a realistic experience as if you were in a real war, actually affecting the surrounding areas, which made me stand a lot amazed at what I see before my eyes, Hats off to DICE studio despite the other disasters I’ve witnessed in the game.

Specialists don’t matter at all “except in one case”

During the unveiling of the Battlefield 2042 game also, one of the big changes that the developers were focusing on was the return of Specialists again, but in a completely new way, although the game will provide 10 diverse customers that can be tried upon launch, but we were only able to experience the customers Only the four that have been revealed, can be described as replacing the series’ old specialists, Assault, Support, Engineer and also Recon. Looking at the features of each of these specialists at the time of the announcement, everyone was excited about the variety of gameplay they would offer while playing, but during the real beta game we didn’t even feel their presence.

The design of the game or the beta at least does not encourage multiplayer at all, and this is not only my comment or the opinion of me but many of my friends, who have tried the beta with other players online. Even if you are in a team, and you choose one of these customers, with the lack of cooperation from your team members, you will still feel the importance of his role from the ground up, and here you will decide, like many “including me” to choose Webster Mackay “the most experienced person during this beta” for the hook he carries It helps you to move from here and there easily and quickly, and although I am a fan of the Sniper Corps, except with the lack of support from team members, direct and close attack has become my method during this game, so there is no point in waiting and sniping one of them and there is no support or backing for you from your friends.

Therefore, this system is no longer important at all except in one case, which is that you try the game with your friends, and you distribute tasks among you, and so on, but without that you will not feel the importance of these customers or even the paramedic feature that has disappeared as the spirit of Battlefield in this game.

The game offers a familiar diversity of weapons as it was in the previous parts, but with a new addition that I consider a very big advantage and I was suffering a lot in my choices in the previous Battlefield parts, which is the possibility of quick customization and before entering areas full of combat, if you are about to enter close-range battles, With one click of a button, you will be able to access the customization menu and transform the weapon’s equipment to suit the situation or situation you are about to enter, and if you intend to play from a distance, you can do this quickly and without having to go back and customize the weapon more than once “which was what took me Lots of time in the previous parts.” But with this feature, many weapons lost their strengths, which depended on the diversity of playing style. Heavy weapons are no longer your best choices in this part, especially with these very large maps and long areas that you will need to run in order to move through, and even sniper weapons will require you more time to You can hone your skills during it, and even if you can do that, the movement speed we talked about above makes sniping operations much more difficult than in previous Battlefield parts, which is very annoying.

Poor technical performance

Many of the negatives I mentioned above, one can agree on them or even others disagree on them, but the technical performance with which the Battlefield 2042 beta appeared was one of the negatives that everyone agreed on, across all devices. There are friends of mine who tried the game on the PS5 platform, which witnessed a significant drop in the frame rate continuously, and the emergence of “glichat” technical problems from time to time, which even caused their death a lot, and there are others who witnessed these same problems and this performance on the PC platform “the platform that is considered Technically Stronger” could not avoid this miserable technical performance. The same thing happened to us during our experience with it on the Xbox Series X platform, starting with low frames without any justification!! Lots and lots of glitches that made me close the game right away especially as they caused me to die many times because of something out of my control.

In the end, Battlefield 2042, and after 4 days of testing, there is a strong need to postpone not a little time, in order to refinish the game, as there are negatives that have nothing to do with technical problems from the ground up, which is the point that I wonder about a lot, which is how DICE will be able to change it within less A month since its release! Technical issues can already be fixed, but the core of the game itself is very different from the spirit of Battlefield we know, how will it be fixed? I think it’s a little difficult. But overall, Battlefield 2042 and DICE studio have the ideas and capabilities that enable them to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience among the multiplayer games, but if the game appears like this at launch, many new players and even veterans will lose their passion for the game in a short period Absolutely, something we are not familiar with in this series, even in its worst condition with some of its old parts.

It is reported that Battlefield 2042 is officially coming on November 19 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which will be available at a price of $ 59.99, while on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC on Steam and Epic Games it will come at a price of $ 69.99, with support for the Arabic language in the Middle East and North regions. Africa. We hope to see a different version of what we saw during this beta.

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