Options to install Windows when resetting the computer

When resetting a Windows computer, you are usually asked if you want to use a cloud download or a local reinstall. Although both work well, they each have their own pros and cons. Both are different ways to reinstall the system again.

The difference between a cloud download and a local reinstall

When you select the cloud download option, Windows downloads recent system files from Microsoft’s servers. It uses it to reinstall the operating system on your computer. The download file may be more than 4 GB in size.

Hence if you have internet data limits or the connection is slow this could be a problem. You may want to use a local reinstall instead.

This method uses system files that are already on the computer to reinstall the operating system again.

But cloud download is necessary if the operating system files are corrupted. And if the local reinstall option fails and you cannot reset the computer properly.

Meanwhile, a local reinstall is a particularly useful option if you have internet data speed limits, a slow connection, or your computer is offline.

Which is better when reinstalling Windows

Both options work well if you have a fast and unlimited internet connection. Meanwhile your computer was in good condition. However, some options are better in certain situations, which include:

  • In the case of a fast and unlimited internet connection, using cloud download may save some time.
  • If the connection is slow or you want to avoid additional downloads, use the local reinstall option.
  • If your computer is not working properly or you have already tried a local reinstall and failed, use the cloud download.

Knowing that if the computer reset process is completed but you still have malfunctions or appear blue screen of death or any other system issues. This means that you have problems with the computer itself. And no driver problems.

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