Omen of Sorrow will be available on Xbox One next week

In November 2018, Omen of Sorrow was first available on the PS4 platform and was able to offer below average, but this did not prevent us from seeing it released on the PC platform and the Epic Games Store in July 2019, and it will finally be available to Xbox One owners.

Today, development team AOne Games and publisher Eastasiasoft announced that Omen of Sorrow is officially coming to Xbox One on September 15th. The studio also revealed that the game will be available on other devices in addition to being available via the Steam store at a later time.

The game includes a story mode that is inspired by many legends and famous literary characters, not the “Frankenstein” monster, as well as Mr. “Hyde” and many well-known monsters and legends, in addition to the game has a fully multiplayer mode and you can compete with other players over the network, whether in Ranked or traditional Casual mode.

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