Officially announced the 20th anniversary console and headset for Xbox

Next November, Microsoft will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first Xbox globally, and over the past few days we have seen a leak from the Best Buy store that indicated the presence of a console for the Xbox Series platform for the 20th anniversary of the first appearance of the Xbox, and here we are getting the official confirmation Now by Microsoft.

Via the official blog of Xbox WireTo celebrate the Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft has officially announced a console and headset for the Xbox Series. Both the console and headset feature a mix of green and black, which are Xbox trademark colors transparently, adding a great deal of detail to the overall look. As seen in the image above, the 20th Anniversary logo is engraved on both the console and the headset, commemorating two decades of Xbox legacy.

The company announced that the console and headset will be officially available on November 15, “the 20th anniversary of the first appearance of Xbox,” and that both are now available for pre-order at a price of $69.99 each.

There are also other festive merchandise, including an Xbox-themed T-shirt and hat, a console charging unit, and more coming on November 15.

Xbox Series console charging unit with 20th Anniversary logo
Xbox Logo T-Shirts & Hats
Xbox Series 20th Anniversary Controller for Xbox

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