Nintendo Switch OLED Prototype Review

In 2021, Nintendo announced the latest version of its Nintendo Switch OLED hybrid device, which comes at a price of $ 350. Despite all the right things the updated device does, most notably the larger, better-looking screen, the lack of internal specs change and the lack of significant improvements to the base left me with a mixed feeling after spending a week using it. The new, excellent display certainly makes the Switch the best option for someone who doesn’t already have one, but the relatively few upgrades for those who already own one made me wonder why some of those improvements aren’t coming with the 2019 model.

The Switch OLED features a larger 7-inch OLED display with a resolution of 720 pixels, making it slightly larger than the base Switch’s 6.2-inch screen, but thanks to the smaller bezels (the black bezel around the screen), it’s roughly the same physical dimensions as the previous Switch, which was 242mm tall. , compared to the length of the original device 239 mm. The Switch OLED also expanded storage, doubling it from the original Switch’s 32GB to…64GB (not much of a difference). Of course we have the same option to expand with a MicroSD card (its slot has been changed a bit).

KEY FEATURES Switch OLED Of course it is the quality of the screen itself. longer screen OLED significant change from Switch The original and greatly improved gameplay in mobile mode. As much as I was disappointed when I heard that Nintendo I decided to keep 720p in portable mode for this release, but it’s still a big step in not only making games look more awesome, but where they look great.

Specifically, it makes Switch OLED It is very easy to play under direct sunlight. We no longer have to search for dark corners to play in, or protect the screen while playing in the back seat of a car or on an airplane! Although it is not as bright as, for example, a device screen iPhone 13 Pro at maximum brightness, except that I can now bring Switch With me to comfortably go outside and play for a few hours. The screen gives a comfortable and satisfying feel that motivated me to take the device with me wherever I go, making Switch It’s easy to use on the go and delivers on the “play anywhere” promise.

Makes Switch OLED is very easy to play under direct sunlight.

As a person who plays with a device Switch The original is at the base, it made a huge difference to me right away. After playing only a few games I felt very comfortable with the updated screen, which made it difficult to go back to Switch 2017 mine. On top of everything else, a slightly bigger screen makes the text on the screen a bit bigger in turn, that might not be much of a difference for most people, but when you compare it side-by-side with Switch The original is very clear.

not distinguished Switch OLED A screen that not only offers better graphics, but it also looks and feels better. From the glass screen of the display to the improved kickstand, it doesn’t look like it was built cheap by any means. Also the controllers Joy-Cons Seems to be more secure than a model Switch The original, which I always felt was a little loose, especially at the bottom.

But one of the problems arising from the above is that these three millimeters of different length may make some accessories Switch You have a compatibility problem. While the Joy-Cons Fit device Switch OLED, including consoles from the version of third-party companies such as Hori Split Pad ProSome console knobs, bases from third-party manufacturers, and cases may not fit, I wouldn’t recommend forcing any of these things on your device. OLED to make it work.

I can easily say that the screen made the games look more vibrant.

After spending nearly a week with Switch OLEDAnd, using it primarily in portable mode, I can easily say that the screen made games look more vibrant. At peak brightness, it can OLED It draws me to the heart of the game, and most importantly, makes the games look more vibrant and colorful. Pronouns look like Rainbow Road in a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe More bright and lively. By comparison, when I went back to playing on Switch In the original, the same track looked colorful but faded, even when brightness is adjusted and auto-brightness is disabled. I also found that colorful cartoon games like New Pokemon Snap And WarioWare: Get it Together! Shines beautifully on the new screen.

Even Metroid Dread The darkest and darkest get the most from a screen OLED. There are some sections that have darker black tones and subtle gray areas, especially in the sections where you play EMMI patrolling, has made capacity OLED On a display of absolute black color those areas look even more terrifying. then there Samus Aran herself, whose bright white and blue suit contrasts starkly with her surroundings.

Add Nintendo Switch OLED Also a new feature not found in Switch original or Switch Lite The original, which is called Console-Screen Colors (Console screen colours). Which is enabled by default but is toggle in the settings menu and has two options: Default Vivid and cucumber Standard reducer. While I initially thought that a choice Standard It will restore the brightness and colors of the console to make it look more like a device Switch original, but this is not the case. Instead, the Console Display Color Feature serves one purpose: to increase the brightness and saturation of colors, especially light colors. So the games look like Animal Crossing: New Horizons Significantly brighter, with brightly colored items and clothing giving much more color, and appearing to be closer to the hues the developers wanted to display.

But on the other hand, the Console Color feature raises one problem that I have with my model OLED: The feature only changes how colors are displayed on Switch OLED Same, which means it won’t affect TV mode, even if you’re playing on TV OLED. However, this almost hidden feature makes the screen of the OLED The best way to experience gaming Switch Portable yet.

The Nintendo Switch OLED also adds the exclusive Console-Screen Colors feature.

Unfortunately there’s a reason that Console Colors is a switchable setting and not something you leave off all the time. As all the extra liveliness it brings can reach an exaggerated level at times, causing oversaturation of colors in some games. I’ve found that this problem is apparent in games that were already pushing saturation to the extreme, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’ve seen some cases where some color oversaturation made slight differences in background saturation, particularly in the opening screen of the game. It might not be very striking, but it was noticeable when the “Console Screen Colors” option was turned on and off.

The feature can also be annoyingly inconsistent, even within the same game. looks like a game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild For example great in some areas with the option enabled Vivid, but when I was walking around the open world I felt the shade of the grass was a little too saturated. It’s different for each case, but it can be distracting.

Having said the above, I can’t help but feel that, at least in the case of a screen OLEDAll of this should have been around since 2017. The fact that the PlayStation Vita, the mobile device released in 2012, has a screen OLED (Albeit smaller than Switch OLED) makes me wonder if it’s a screen OLED under consideration Switch the original. Sure it would have been more expensive, but it doesn’t look like that Nintendo She’s having trouble setting a price of $350 in 2021. (It’s definitely easier for her to trust doing that now because Switch It’s her best-selling console since Wii).

Regardless of the screen OLED, the latest version of Switch It offers some other smaller but welcome improvements to the overall design. The speakers are on Switch OLED A little bigger, but frankly, I didn’t find the louder and clearer sound quality to be much of a difference most of the time, a change I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t compared the two devices side by side.

Battery life is still the same, as mentioned on the site Nintendo. Although some of the games I tested like Breath of the Wild It lasted a few minutes longer than the 5.5 hours I estimated Nintendo, and other games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It was closer to 5 hours (which is an improvement compared to the device Switch released in 2019, which ran for 4 hours and 50 minutes). Here again, in my experience, the battery life improvements are modest and often only a few extra minutes.

My favorite improvement in Switch OLED is the new kickstand.

Includes Switch OLED On the same 3.5mm audio jack on the right side of the console, as well as the much-anticipated Bluetooth headphone jack feature (which is now enabled on all models of Switch through a software update). You managed to connect headphones Apple AirPods My headphones run smoothly, although Bluetooth performance and distance may vary depending on the wireless headphones you’re using.

Besides the screen, I can say that my favorite improvement is in Switch OLED It is the new predicate. Where it takes inspiration from some devices Microsoft’s Surface ProIt comes in a more durable and flexible shape, and offers more angles that you can place your device in without risking it falling if it hits the table. And thanks to its wider design, there is no longer any fear of breaking the kickstand in a model OLED, which makes it much easier to play multiplayer games like Super Mario Party In TV connection mode.

Most of the improvements that the Switch OLED offers come from the portable side, but there are a few minor changes for those who prefer playing the Switch on TV, including a tweak to the base. In addition to being available in a new white color, the base has been designed with curved corners with a black design on the inside. The base has a little more room than the original, which may help offset the problems the original base had with scratching the Switch’s screen when placed in it, but there’s a payoff: the Switch now wobbles quite a bit while on the base. Not to the point where you’d risk detaching it from the TV, but I noticed it when comparing it to the old Switch base that didn’t move at all.

The modified Switch base still has two USB ports on the left side, but the back is a little different from the original as it has a detachable back panel instead of a hinge panel, and the back panel includes a larger frame for cables than the old base. I felt the material the modified base backplate was made from was a bit cheaper than the original, and I miss the hinge that attaches the backplate to the Switch base.

The revised base also forgoes a third USB port and replaces it with a LAN port, a welcome addition with which you can connect directly to a Wi-Fi extender or router via an Ethernet cable. I have a stable internet connection and very strong speeds, but this connection is strong according to the weakest link in the chain that connects to the internet. The only way to connect to the internet at the original base was via Wi-Fi, which wouldn’t be as fast as a wired connection. Games like Cuphead and Sonic Mania take about 40-50 minutes to download on my Wi-Fi connection, but over LAN it took about 15-30 minutes.

The LAN port also greatly improves stability in games that have online functions. I’ve always been late when playing online in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Tennis Aces, and Splatoon 2, but I haven’t noticed any delays or internet issues on my part when connecting to the Ethernet port. (It’s worth noting that Nintendo will sell the new base separately at a later date, so you don’t need to spend $350 on an all-new Switch if the base is all you want, though you’d be better off buying the $30 Switch if you don’t Annoyed that it dangles from the base.)

Translated by Dima Muhanna

After playing with it for a week, I found that the brighter, livelier, and slightly larger Nintendo Switch OLED screen made me want to get the device out of its base a lot more, and not just when I wanted to go outside. I was encouraged to relax on the sofa or even under direct sunlight on the patio and play games in portable mode. The improved kickstand makes playing on any flat surface easier, and the Ethernet-enabled base makes downloads faster. And while it’s hard to convince someone who already owns the Switch to buy this version, especially those who use it with TV mode more, there are enough improvements to make it an easy recommendation for all those who don’t already own a Switch.

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