Nintendo lowers Switch price in Europe

Nintendo explained the price change for the original Switch model today in Europe, and said it’s a reflection of both currency exchange rates and the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED next month.

The company does not officially specify pricing for the devices in Europe. But the new £259.99 price tag for the platform listed on the company’s official web store is deemed appropriate by Nintendo, and retailers will now likely follow suit.

A company spokesperson said: “Nintendo Europe is changing the European price of the Nintendo Switch platform for retailers. More than four and a half years after its first release, the Nintendo Switch still has strong sales momentum in Europe. After carefully evaluating a variety of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED, we’ve decided that now is the time for a price change for the Nintendo Switch.

The selling prices of the Nintendo Switch Lite and the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED model will not be affected. Retailers set the final price for consumers. As a guide, the company recommends consumers check with local retailers for prices.

The Nintendo Switch is now priced at €299.99 in Europe, €30 down from the previous price of €329.99.

In the UK, the company has revised the price of the platform to £259.99, down £20 from the previous price of £279.99.

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Nintendo lowers Switch price in Europe

The company said: “We made a price change prior to the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED so that the price differences between each model in our retail channel are My Nintendo Store It is what the company considers appropriate for its own store.

There is no word yet on whether the original Nintendo Switch platform may see a price change in other regions.

It is noted that the price changes have not been reflected in other retailers such as Amazon yet. Although the changes are small. But it arrives just under a month before the Nintendo Switch OLED goes on sale.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is priced at €364.99 in Europe and £309.99 in the UK.

This small price drop creates a slightly larger price difference between the Nintendo Switch OLED and the original models.

The Nintendo Switch OLED goes on sale on October 8th. A bigger, brighter screen, new kickstand and speaker improvements are the main additions, along with an Ethernet port.

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