Nintendo Adds Bluetooth Audio to the Switch

announced Nintendo has surprisingly announced that support for Bluetooth audio has arrived on the Switch through a software update.

The ability to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to game audio has been a distinctly missing feature since the platform was launched in 2017. But there are some limitations.

According to the company’s support article, a user is limited to using two wireless controllers if they have a Bluetooth headset connected.

The platform can only be synchronized with one audio device at a time. But it can save up to 10 devices across the system.

When paired with the audio device via Bluetooth, only two wireless controllers can be connected to the device simultaneously. Connecting an additional wireless controller disconnects the audio device via Bluetooth.

Moreover, the system also does not support Bluetooth microphones, given that the company’s voice chat system is based on an app running on your phone.

However, it is a problem for people who play games with their built-in voice chat capabilities.

The limitation of the wireless controller may be a reason why the company does not enable this Bluetooth audio feature on the four-year-old device.

As a result, some Switch owners have turned to third-party adapters to connect their Bluetooth headphones to the device.

Some headphones like the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless came with a dongle that took advantage of the Switch’s support for USB wireless headphones.

Having audio over Bluetooth built in is important, especially considering that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, unlike many other devices, doesn’t include a headphone port.

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Nintendo Adds Bluetooth Audio to the Switch

Platform owners must download the latest firmware patch. From there, they can find the Bluetooth Audio option within the system settings page.

Once you select Pair, the Switch searches for the available Bluetooth audio device and connects to the device when it is found.

The latest firmware update also includes the ability to update the software via the Switch platform. But only for new platforms with LAN port coming with Switch OLED model.

According to the changelog, the update also adds some features to make wired internet more useful. The device is also able to stay connected to the Internet even in sleep mode through the switch or LAN port built into the upcoming Switch OLED platform.

The company says this helps the platform download content while it sleeps, and the feature is turned on by default.

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