New World is getting new servers to accommodate more players

Last September 28, Amazon Games launched its latest project, the new MMORPG game, New World, which was available on the PC platform, and within a few hours of its official launch, it was able to exceed the number of its million players, which is an unnatural matter that negatively affected the game’s servers. And make it stop in no time. But here is the developer solving this problem that no one expected at all.

Where Amazon Games announced that they will add new servers and another feature that will help players get into the game faster and not wait for long periods, as this feature gives you an idea of ​​the status of any particular server, and if it is crowded with players or you can access it, and not only that, but the game always converts you to the fewest servers. This comes along with a system that prevents players from creating new characters in overcrowded servers so that they waste their time and that of players.

The developers of New World announced the rollout of these features this week, after in order to alleviate the suffering of players with long wait times for their favorite servers, by following The link in the tweet is below, you will be taken to the server status page for New World which is divided into five different regions, and by choosing one of those, you will see the full list of servers along with icons indicating if they are available to join or completely full now.

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