New Switch update adds support for Bluetooth audio inputs

From now on, you can connect the Nintendo Switch mini gaming device with a wireless audio device via a Bluetooth connection, after the arrival of a new update for the gaming device system that made this possible.

The new update is available from today, and it is interesting that the device has always been able to use this feature, but it only needed a software update to unlock it or refine it, if you will.

You will find the option to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth in the system settings, when you press it, the device will automatically search for Bluetooth devices to connect with, and you can only connect to one device during use, but you can save the data of 10 Bluetooth devices in the search logs so that you do not search for them again .

The company noted that using the Bluetooth device connection feature will limit the connected wireless controllers to only two units, if you connect a third controller, the Bluetooth device will be disconnected, and it is also worth noting that Bluetooth microphones are not supported in the Switch .

The update came with another feature as well, which is to update the device’s operating system via the device’s charging base, but only the new bases that have the LAN port found in the new OLED version.

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