Netflix reveals the title of the first episode of the reality series One Piece

Everyone knows the extent of the success of the One Piece anime and manga series, whether in terms of revenue or even views, and why not, the anime, which exceeded 988 episodes, presented many, many strong and distinctive episodes, which made Netflix decide to turn this famous work into a reality series. And broadcast his episodes over the network.

Today, Netflix revealed the title of the first episode of the reality series One Piece, and it is likely that old anime and manga fans will recognize it. The first episode is called Romance Dawn, which will take us back to the origins of One Piece.

Romance Dawn, written by “One Piece” author Iichiro Oda, was published in the “Shonen Jump” newspaper in its 1996 special issue.

It’s unclear if the first episode of One Piece on Netflix will be a retelling of Romance Dawn’s chapter or if the episode title is merely a homage to the series’ beginning and the beginning of “Monkey D. Luffy.”

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