Netflix has cut scenes from the Squid Game to put an end to spam calls to the owner of the real phone number

Netflix is ​​taking action to remove any trace of the phone number seen in the Squid Game from the series after the real owner of the number was subjected to numerous disturbances.

As confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter The network and local production company Siren Pictures have reached a joint decision to cut the phone number from the various scenes in which he appears. This comes shortly after the owner of the real number complained that he received up to 4,000 calls per day after the series was released.

A real life phone number was featured in early episodes of the drama.

The phone number appears for the first time in the first episode of Squid Game, where we see it printed on multiple business cards that a mysterious man distributes to multiple characters giving them the chance to compete in a deadly survival game and possibly win a big cash prize.

Apparently some viewers called the number out of curiosity, with many expressing their interest in “participating in the game”. Although he was subjected to a barrage of calls day and night, it was reported that the person who owns the number hesitated to change it because it is related to his business dealings and contacts with his customers.

To make matters worse, the Squid Game’s growing popularity around the world means that many more people are watching the series with the phone number in it. If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can check out our review by clicking here.

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