Naughty Dog still has “a lot of love” for Uncharted and The Last of Us

The name Naughty Dog has long been associated with the two popular series Uncharted and The Last of Us, and although he has stated today that he is interested in developing entirely new titles, he is not ready to give them up.

In the latest comments from the developer of the site Game Informer He confirmed that he is indeed interested in developing a whole new title and there is always a sense of excitement when starting a new project, but the studio still has a lot of love for these two series, so they expected in the future that the developer would offer us a mixture of new titles and a return to Uncharted and The Last of Us as well, according to his expression.

This return does not necessarily have to be soon, as most likely the developer will now be busy developing his next new title, but today’s statements assure us that these beloved games are undoubtedly finished.

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