N64 games on Switch Online have problems according to players

Some players have upgraded their Nintendo Switch Online subscription to get the recently released Expansion Pack privileges that allow them to experience classic Nintendo 64 games.

But these players did not get the promised experience, but according to a group of complaints that appeared in forums such as ResetEra and publications via TwitterThere are several errors swirling around the Extended Service such as delays in response when clicking control buttons, delays in audio transmission, problems with frame rates, and incorrect distribution of controller functions.

Some fans are unhappy with the performance in Nintendo's new Expansion Pack.

The professional player has participated ZFG Famous for sealing Zelda: Ocarina of Time in record time in these criticisms, stressing that the new version of the game via the extended service is worse than what he had previously experienced.

We are now waiting for an official comment from the company on the matter.

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