Mission R.. The future of electric Porsche GT cars

Porsche draws inspiration from the world of esports and the live broadcast of its next racing car concept.

The company believes that the all-electric Porsche Mission R, which was first presented at a conference IAA Mobility 2021 In Munich, it represents the future of motorsports for customers.

Porsche has a long history of customer racing. It has produced more than 4,400 cars over the past three decades.

In the form of a GT race car, the car showcases the future of Porsche GT racing while also hinting at what future Porsche GT cars will use as an engine.

The model features additional parts made of natural fibre-reinforced plastic that produce 85 percent less carbon dioxide than carbon fibres.

According to the company, the Porsche Mission R is designed to create new ways of interaction between fans and drivers. The car features a mostly glass roof so that the driver can be seen from above during the entire race.

Inside there is a camera mounted via the driver’s helmet, a moving camera on the car’s A-pillar, and a rear-facing dashboard camera so fans can get up close.

A display across the steering wheel provides important data, while a display above the steering column shows side and rear camera views.

There are also cameras throughout the cabin that can be angled remotely, and the company envisions fans choosing camera angles during the race’s broadcast.

The company claims that the gaming-inspired steering wheel has biometric sensors built in to track the driver’s vitals around, and the car also has a dedicated live button.

Porsche says the Porsche Mission R can go from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds, with a top speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. Thanks to the electric motor.

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Mission R.. The future of electric Porsche GT cars

The Porsche Mission R has two electric motors at the front and rear, which together generate 1,088 hp in Qualifying mode and 680 hp in Racing mode. With a 429 hp engine on the front axle and a 644 hp engine powering the rear.

The Porsche Mission R’s 80 kW battery also looks impressive. The 900-volt battery can be charged from 5 percent to 80 percent in 15 minutes. Thanks to the Porsche Turbo Charging technology.

The electric racing car features a new concept of rollover protection via a cage structure made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic to protect the driver in the event of an accident.

The outer shell is made of plastic reinforced with natural fibres. which are based on agriculturally produced flax fibers. It is as light as carbon fiber and offers stiffness as low as 10 percent.

The car was equipped with the aerodynamics of the advanced Porsche Active. Which can optimally adapt its characteristics to what the driver is doing on the track. There is a drag reduction system that consists of three vents in the air intakes on each side. With two-section adjustable wing.

The model features a wire braking system with a control unit to control the interaction between hydraulic and electric brakes.

As a subsidiary of the larger Volkswagen Group, Porsche is involved in driving the company towards providing electricity in all areas.

The Porsche Mission R is the evolving professional aspect of the effort that began with the Taycan in 2019. It may never officially hit the racetrack. But the car is an acknowledgment of the strange ways in which gaming and racing intertwine.

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