Microsoft Teams Gets Improvements for Remote Work

Communication Microsoft Improved the remote meeting experience in the Microsoft Teams platform with better camera support and other improvements that let you stay in meetings 24/7.

After the launch of Together Mode last year, and a vision for the future of meetings earlier this year, the platform will soon be updated to support smart cameras.

These cameras are provided by partners such as Jabra, Neat, Poly and Yealink. It enables active speaker tracking through artificial intelligence, video multicast and person recognition.

This type of camera can fulfill some of the company’s promises about the future of meetings, enabling cameras in meeting rooms to use voice, facial movements and gestures to detect who is in the room speaking.

These cameras are designed to improve and bridge the gap between remote and desktop meetings, as more and more companies look to balance the two.

Microsoft Teams mobile is also being updated to include quick access to chat, live feedback, and Microsoft Whiteboard.

This updated companion mode also includes easier access to controls such as muting or turning the camera on and off and will be available in the next few months, according to Microsoft.

Speaker Coach, an AI-powered feature that monitors your pace during meetings, arrives in early 2022.

Auto-lighting corrections for platform video meetings appear in the coming months.

Microsoft Teams.. the most prominent features to try

Microsoft Teams Gets Improvements for Remote Work

The company is also bringing the platform to Apple CarPlay this month, so you can be part of meetings while you’re driving.

And you can join hands-free calls using Siri. But it looks like you’re joining the audio only mode to prevent the video from being too distracting.

However, meeting improvements aren’t just limited to Microsoft Teams. so The company is also introducing a new Cameo feature to PowerPoint that lets you integrate the Microsoft Teams camera into your presentation slide deck.

The Cameo feature is coming out in early 2022, and it was designed with remote presentations in mind.

How to Use Shared Mode in Microsoft Teams

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